PMP® Certification Exam Preparation - There are no Real PMP Exam Questions.

PMP® Certification Training, Exam Preparation - There are No Real PMP Exam Questions

By Nereda Haque, PMP

Trainees studying to pass the PMP Exam or CAPM Exam need to understand that the Practice Exam Questions that they receive during class are just that - Practice Exam Questions, meaning not the real thing. You cannot get the real thing, except when you are taking the PMP/CAPM Exam itself.

We know there are a lot of various industry certifications you can do where you practice the their Exam questions over and over and you will always get the same questions.

Not so with the PMP or CAPM Exams. PMI credentials are highly valued because their Exams have the reputation for being tough, highly analytical, and thorough, to reflect both the knowledge found in the PMBOK® Guide, Version 5 and the industry at large consensus of what is best practices. That is why the education you receive needs to be of the highest quality.

It is best that you are well prepared in all areas so you can handle any questions that you might receive. Don't spend all your time on EVM; for example. Understand algebra and understand the meanings, even the synonyms and memorize your formulas. You should be able to know what formulas you should use from a conversational question. Spread your learning throughout all of the information you are to study. I see people spend 80% of their learning time on EVM and they will neglect the Risk Management Knowledge area, for Example. This is a big mistake. If you want to practice the Math more, SmartPath LLC has 101 questions Online that you can practice - not just for EVM but for critical path and other Math that you may get throughout the PMP Exam, including standard deviation questions.

The Project Management Institute does not conduct their Exam using repetitive Exam Questions over and over such as only one set of 200 questions, and they use an independent organization to develop the questions. There are thousands of questions in their database and no one really knows exactly how many. It is likely that you will never see the same question that you practiced. You may see some similar or familiar questions in the PMP Exam or some simple Inputs, Outputs, Tools & Techniques, Definitions, Styles of the Project Manager, Organizational Environment, etc. They will seem familiar to you if you have studied the information properly. However, also expect a large share of the PMP Exam questions designed to evaluate your understanding using a variety of situations. These questions will test your ability to analyze and evaluate.

That is why at SmartPath LLC, our motto is: "Understand it! Don't Cram It!" We have a learning system based on understanding so you will be able to pick out the right answers to the questions without cramming. Understanding is the "key" to your success.

The Practice Exam is designed to help you understand how to analyze the PMP Exam questions. All the analytics are also provided for you along with the correct answers. It is very important that you understand why you got a question wrong. Also, if you cannot understand the context of the question, it may be that your Exam Prep training was inadequate and you should seek to find a company like SmartPath LLC who offers exam-focused materials that will help you understand the concepts, the connections, the roles and tasks of a project manager, as well as the context of the questions. Only after you understand concepts, connections, roles and tasks can you determine what a question is really asking.

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