Passing the PMP® Exam

Passing the PMP® Exam
You must build the platform: Yes, you must start with knowledge and understanding, but those two items alone won't help you pass the PMP® Exam. Why do I need more than Knowledge and Understanding? Knowledge and understanding together make a great platform. In fact, it is absolutely crucial that you have enough of the knowledge that you will be tested on, and that you understand the concepts.

Nuts and bolts required: However, you need the huge nuts and bolts that will make your platform strong, and those are the mock exam questions. Most people cannot pass the current PMP exam without lots of practice on all types of questions using all kinds of formats, and also doing extensive Prep exercises. Why? Because the exam is exceptionally tricky; the question can be hidden within the answer or the answer is hidden within the question; the questions can be fuzzy or may want to know what will you do next, or what should you have done, or what will you tell your stakeholders or your team, etc. Or the question may present as a short or long scenario, etc.

Importance of Prep Exercises & Quiz Practice: SmartPath LLC has lots of prep exercises that will help you associate process information to a process and show the process dependencies and connections. However, when preparing to answer the questions in the exam you need to finish every question that we have Online. Why? These questions teach you. Don't consider that they are testing you. Use them to force your cognitive thinking, reasoning and logic. They provide you interactive learning as well as simulated learning. Look up the information in your materials to learn more. Because just about all of the people who prepare for the exam this way pass the first time, and the 2% to 5% of exam takers who fail, did not complete them and some did very little of them, statistic show that they are crucial or upon questioning they were picking out the answers, not invoking reasoning or logic at all. There is one more impact: When doing the quizzes it is absolutely imperative that you understand why an answer is the best answer or not the best answer. This makes your practice more meaningful because you have looked at each question from 4 different angles thus increasing your exposure to even more exam analytics. You may have to pick the best of 4 wrong answers, the best of 4 "right" answers, or the best of 2 right answers where one or two are obviously wrong, etc.

Practice also helps you finish your exam on time, and helps develop cognitive tracks if you exercise cognitive thinking, reasoning and logic with every question.

Don’t take shortcuts - do all steps to pass fast: Increase your success by getting the right 35 hours of Certification with Prep, complete all prep exercises including quiz practice, so you can practice all kinds of questions using all kinds of scenarios and formats. This way you will be well prepared. And you will cover every section of our materials.

Follow the advice for the day 4 Review:
It tells you to make sure you understanding before taking your exam. It is an extra risk mitigation.

Force yourself to think cognitively: And you will glow in your success. There's absolutely no need to take the Exam twice if you are well prepared. And you know when you are well prepared.

It's not how many hours you learn that counts, but how you learn that counts.

You want to pass fast? SmartPath LLC requires no prior training. Do the training, finishing all exercises, then finish all mock exam questions, check off what you know in the day 4 area of pmWorkbook. Review importance. Make sure you're understanding 72% of each quiz area. Take your exam.