PMP(R) Certification Training with <br> Exam Prep, 100% Live Online for  <br> US Government Agencies, <br> other than Federal - No exam included. <br> Exam started 1/2/2021

PMP(R) Certification Training with
Exam Prep, 100% Live Online for
US Government Agencies,
other than Federal - No exam included.
Exam started 1/2/2021

Item# TRPM-G-0102-23A
PMP(R) Certification with Exam Prep, 100% Live Online for Government Agencies, Non-Federal. The PMP Exam is not included in the training price. Training options are 4 week days or two weekends. Either training provides 35 hours for exam approval. The PMP(R) Exam aligns to the PMP(R) Exam Outline as posted at under PMP(R) Certifications. It is not aligned to anything else. The current PMP exam started 1/2/2021. PMP Exam fees are $595 for non-PMI members and $425 for PMI members. This page was updated on 3-1-2024.

Call Nereda Haque, PMP at 360-584-8614 for details or email her with any questions that you might have.>. Testimonials.

SmartPath LLC is a PMI(R) Authorized Training Partner, (A.T.P) #3441.

Very Experienced Instructor: Mo Haque, MSEE, MSEE, PMP, PMI-ACP, PMI-PBA, CMfgT, EDMP. Mo Haque is a brilliant educator, with a strong experiential background throughout his global project management career managing projects and programs where he used enterprise analytical techniques, analysis, and modeling to improve project management delivery through process automation, reducing overall costs and schedule. He is famous for his storytelling, workflows, and for making the seemingly difficult, simple. Those who have experienced his training, continue to come back to class for other training, never ceasing to be amazed of just how much wisdom and knowledge he is able to impart from so much experience. This is the time for you to achieve both explicit and tacit knowledge in abundance. When you take the PMP Exam you will know the answer because you will remember his stories and followed his advice on practice.

Class Objectives:
The trainee should be able to manage a team to plan, execute and complete a project aligned to the business environment. To do this:
(1) The trainee will create a high-performing team
(2) Plan and manage the project
(3) Execute and assess the project work
(4) And keep the team on track while keeping the business in mind.Source: PMI(R) Authorized PMP(R) Exam Prep book, About This Course.

PMP Exam: You can take the PMP Exam Live Online now or onsite at Pearsons Vue.

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Method of Training: 100% Live Online. You can ask about onsite training for your group or 100% Live Online training for your group. Use your laptop or computer to join the training. Audience experience background: Project Managers, Program Managers, IT Managers or Developers, Business Managers, Business Analysts, Operation Managers, Engineers, Architects, CEOs, MBAs, Event Planners, Educators, CFOs, HR Managers, Quality and Risk Managers, Marketing & Advertising Managers - anyone who has been doing projects even if you are unaware you've been managing projects, even if you are the only person on you team, etc. You don't need a project manager or program manager title in order to claim project management experience. What areexamples of projects?

Summary of What You Will Receive
(1) There is no charge to reschedule your training. Simply send Nereda Haque, PMP an email.
(2) You may re-sit your training for up to 12 months or until the exam material changes by PMI(R), whichever is first.
(3) We answer all your questions while you’re preparing for your PMP exam by emails, texts or phone calls.
(4) PMP Application Guideline and Checklist are provided during training
(5) 35 hours for Exam approval
(6) Quiz practice starts on day 3 of class and runs 60 day post class
(7) PMI(R) Authorized Instructor, PMI(R) Authorized Trainer, which includes PMI® Authorized PMP® Exam Prep content in both hard copy and digital (allow 2 business days for PMI digital assignment), and
(8) Discounts for future classes or if you need to take the PMP Certification Training with Exam Prep again after 12 months or if the PMP exam you trained for has changed. Our loyalty discounts apply to the trainee.

Materials & Shipping: The PMI class material is purchased for you through Logical Operations, a PMI distribution partner. Class materials includes the PMI(R) Authorized PMP(R) Exam Prep book in digital only, and SmartPath LLC's supplemental materials in digital only, for exam and work visibility. PMI assigns their print/digital to you only and reassignment is not allowed. PMI does not refund on print or digital so we can't either. PMI digital is assigned for 12 months when you log into their link. Purchase your training 2 business days ahead of the class so your material - print/digital will reaches you on time.

Free Quiz Online Practice Learning for the PMP Exam for up to 6 months post training or until the next new PMP Exam, whichever is first.

Importance of Online Quiz Practice: We highly recommend finishing all online quiz practice before taking the exam. You will learn both explicit and tacit knowledge, which provides you the virtual experience to fill in your knowledge gaps. If you are strong in project management fundamentals then you might only need to practice the 3 cloned exam quizzes.

PMP Exam qualification: Send us your resume if you have questions about your Exam qualifications. You don't need a title of project manager in order to claim project experience. It's what you did that counts!

This is a Comprehensive Exam Preparation Class and everything we teach is aligned to the PMP exam outline: Understanding and quiz practice are key to passing.

PMP Exam Requirements for Exam acceptance
(1) Experience Requirements for the PMP Exam: to be accepted for the PMP Exam, you will need
       • 4,500 hours of project management experience over 36 months with a four year degree / equivalent or greater or
       • 7,500 hours over 60 months with high school diploma / equivalent, plus 35 hours of project management training.
(2) Training Requirements: We provide the 35 hours of formal project management training including the prep you need to pass the exam, a review of your resume, if you have doubts about your exam qualifications.

The class number on your certificate will likely be different than the item # showing. This page displays an ID that relates to the price you pay for the class only.

100% Live Online for non-government employees
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