CAPM® Certification Training with
Exam Prep, Group Training in DC,
Bellevue-Seattle WA, or MI. The Exam is not included.

CAPM® Certification Training with<br> Exam Prep, Group Training in DC,<br> Bellevue-Seattle WA, or MI. The Exam is not included.
About CAPM® Certification with Prep Exam Prep:Details of this class 100% live online, "click here. This page will be updated shortly

What you need to pass the CAPM Exam: 3 days of Live Instructor-led training, CAPM Exam-Focused Materials, a good study ethic, online quiz practice for interactive learning. Contact Nereda Haque, PMP at SmartPath LLC if you have any questions at 360-584-8614.

Changes for this class: Training onsite at a location in DC, WA or MI is offered for group training only.

Most CAPM(R) training is now 100% Live Online, so please see that schedule also. This is the preferred training method for the Z generation and Millenials. Technology has changed so it's just like you and the instructor are in the room together, along with other trainees. We don't write on whiteboards so you can see everything that the instructor writes.

Online Quiz Practice:
All training comes with PMP Online Quiz Subscription practice which is free for up to 30 days starting with the last day of class. You you will be assigned the quiz practice selection that you need to help you pass the CAPM Exam.

Your training provides you 26.25 hours of project management training and you only need 23 hours for exam approval. If you live in Washington, DC, please talk to us before making your purchase.

The Class number is PMTR01-E6 for the V6 Training

SmartPath LLC a PMI Registered Education Provider* (R.E.P.) #3441.

This class is aligned to the PMBOK® Guide, Sixth Edition. The new CAPM exam has been running since 5/21/2018.

Skills to Be Acquired: The Trainee should be able to perform Start to Finish Project Management using our materials in accordance with industry best practices.

This class is best suited for those who have some experience in project management leading and directing projects or who have some support experience such as the role of project staff, assistant project manager, or a supportive role or contributor, or someone who has done some business projects, even if they did not know that they were considered projects. If you are unacquainted with project management, this class is not for you

Certification Credential: once the trainee has passed the CAPM Exam: CAPM credential.

You should have some project management experience, but not enough to take the PMP(R) Exam. Suggested minimum is 1,000 hours. Having project management experience is not an exam requirement. It is our requirement due to our audience for this class. You also need a minimum of a high school diploma or equivalent. PMP Certification menu here after talking to us first.

The CAPM exam is not included as part of the training price. You need to pay the Project Management Institute for your exam. See details below. For non-PMI members the exam fee is $300 and $225 for PMI-Members. You can take two retakes during your 12 months of exam eligibility period. Retakes are $200 for Non-PMI members and $150 for PMI-Member.

CAPM Training Times: See the training menu

Locations for onsite training: Other venues may be used, but the following are usually our venues: (1) Bellevue, WA (Greater Seattle Area in Washington State) - at SmartPath LLC, 2018 156th Ave NE, Bellevue, WA 98007. Parking is free at this location.
(2) Onsite: SmartPath LLC, 1101 Connecticut Ave NW, Suite 410, Washington, DC 20036. Click here for directions and DC Metro & Parking Information & Instructions (3) Onsite: SmartPath LLC, 100 W., Big Beaver Rd, Suite 200, Troy, MI 48084 (4) We also offer this training via Live Video Conference.

Please call Nereda Haque, PMP at 1-360-584-8614 or 1-855-SMART50 to discuss your experience or email her at and / or attach your resume. We will be happy to answer all of your questions and help you determine the class that is right for you.

Many of the PMs considering CAPM Certification already have enough hours to take the PMP Exam. may of the people we talked to who were considering the CAPM Exam, have led and directed many projects and are qualified to take the PMP Exam. You don't need a project manager title to claim project management experience. Examples of some projects: IT Development leads, Quality audits, risk management, procurement management, project vendor management, business analysis or IT analysis, data analysis and special recommendations for improvement, etc.

Online Quiz Practice:
All training comes with PMP Online Quiz Subscription practice which is free for up to 30 days. You will receive quizzes ACEFGH. You you will be assigned the quiz practice that you need to pass the CAPM Exam on the third evening after class.

SmartPath LLC Loyalty program for SmartPath CAPM trainees enables them to take the PMP Exam training or PMP Quiz Practice later on when you have the experience hours to do so:
If you take the CAPM Exam now and the PMP Exam later, then you may resubscribe for a nominal fee to re-practice any of the Quizzes, or to retrain, and you will qualify for the "Do It Again PMP Certification" at just $846. This is a great loyalty price.

If the PMP Exam changes before you take it, you may purchase the materials and / or upgrade for the price listed on our website, plus tax. Priority postage is extra.

What is a project? See this link. If you have questions regarding your experience send Nereda Haque, PMP your resume for review.

DC trainees:
You are required to send us your resume so we can determine your eligibility, etc., if you are taking this class in Washington, DC. This is a DC requirement. Send your resume to

Advantages & Benefits of SmartPath LLC's CAPM Certification Training with Exam Prep for the CAPM Exam
• Proven learning methods
• Unique customized learning to help you pass
• Small classes for easier learning
• Training options: onsite in Washington, DC or Bellevue WA
• Materials and Tools: CAPM Exam focused materials. Your free 30-day Online Quiz Practice starts on day 3, although you only need to do the assigned quizzes as part of your exam practice.
• No information overload - just exam-focused training

You may pay by credit card, debit card or pay later through PayPal.

CAPM Exam Eligibility Requirements:
(1) This training, along with your high school diploma (or equivalent) will qualify you to sit for the CAPM® Exam and or
(2) Your high school diploma (or equivalent) plus 1500 hours of professional experience on a project team.

Passing depends on your ability to understand the class content and materials, and how a trainee applies this learning when they do their online quiz practice. Applying cognitive thinking, reasoning and logic while practicing is essential.

CAPM Passing Tips
The training will cover everything you need to know to pass the CAPM Exam and the project management training hours that you will need for CAPM exam approval. If you are already pre-approved to sit for the CAPM Exam then you will benefit greatly from the framework and Exam Prep. Tips include:

(1) Understanding process groups, processes and their associated areas such as inputs, outputs, tools and techniques, processes, process groups, knowledge areas, and other project management topics in your training.
(2) Understanding simple math formulas and how they are used to interpret project information
(3) Follow our checklists of what you must know in order to pass
(4) Do all of your Prep exercises to deepen your understanding and increase associations' recogntion
(5) Follow all passing guidelines, including what to study for the CAPM Exam."
(6) How fast you take the CAPM Exam will depend on your knowledge gaps and experience, and how much personal effort you put in to ensure your success.
(7) *Guarantees they are much the same as the PMP exam except you need to practice less quizzes. It is free to reschedule your training.

How to have your third exam paid for should you need it: (1) Finish first exam within 30 days (2) Finish all assigned quiz practice before the first exam (3) If you have to take the second exam, purchase a quiz extension / resubscription, and finish all quiz practice before your second exam (4) We must be able to pay for your third exam within your 12 months of exam approval. You track your exam approval time, because we don't.

Should You Consider the PMP Exam?
If you have project management experience where you led and directed projects, and you are wondering if you have enough project hours to become PMP certified, then send your resume to Nereda Haque, PMP and she'll be happy to review it for you. Click on "Send Email" at the bottom of our website. You don't need a title of project manager to claim project hours. Or use

Exam Fees are not included in the training prices:
This training does not include PMI's CAPM Exam fees which you will pay to the Project Management Institute separately. With $129 for the first's years membership fee, and $10 membership application fee, then the CAPM exam is just $225 for the first exam, or you can simply pay $300 to take the Exam. The next 2 subsequent exams within the exam acceptance period for non-PMI members are $200.00 each, for the Members it is $150 each. See the CAPM handbook at for all information and your CAPM exam outline for more information.

To keep your credential, you need to retake the CAPM Exam every 5 years showing that you have ongoing professional development. Alternatively, you can choose to take the PMP Exam next time or another credential once you are qualified to do so.

The Course Materials:
They are aligned to the PMBOK® Guide (The Project Management Body of Knowledge®), 6th Edition, and the CAPM exam outline.

Knowledge Outline that you will be tested on for the CAPM Exam:

The V6 CAPM certification examination includes 150 Questions, 15 of which do not count so that 135 questions count. Those questions that do not count as they are used to collect specific data. You are allotted 3 hours for the exam.

6% Introduction to Project Management
6% Project Environment
7% Role of the Project Manager
9% Project Integration
9% Project Scope
9% Project Schedule Management
8% Project Cost Management
7% Project Quality Management
8% Project Resource Management
10% Project Communication Management
8% Project Risk Management
4% Project Procurement Management
9% Project Stakeholder Management

You Will Receive
1. Class Materials to prepare you for the CAPM Exam - the pmWorkbook used for the PMP class
2. 26.25 hours of PMP / CAPM Certification training - if you purchase 3 days on this page or site you'll have 35 hours of PMP / CAPM Training if you purchase from the PMP page and take all 4 days of training
3. Free parking (at the Bellevue WA or Troy-MI Site; For Washington DC - see parking garage pricing: DC click here 5. Free resitting for up to six months
6. Guaranteed-to-run classes at the time of purchase with free rescheduling.
7. Online PMP Practice Subscription for up to 30 days starting on the 3rd day of training that include these quizzes: ACEFGH.

About the CAPM Exam:
You need to be able to apply PMI Concepts to situational questions in the CAPM Exam. The CAPM Certification Exam tests the individual’s knowledge in project management processes and knowledge areas.

New CAPM Exam changes Starting September of 2019, PMI has created a path for CAPM exam takers. Aside from needing a high school diploma, or equivalent or greater education, all you need is 23 hours of project management training. Exam questions consist of additional questions that may ask for selecting all relevant answer or you may be ask to match the answer to the best answer in a list.

CAPM credential holders will not be required to take 35 hours of project management training for PMP exam approval once they have the exam to take the PMP exam. They can select what they feel they need to take the PMP Exam.

Resitting Training:
There is no charge to resit within the stated guidelines (within 6 months from the first day of class) and no limit on how many times you wish to do it. Resitting is based on seat availability. If no onsite seats are available, you may resit via Live Video Conference on dates that it's offered, and that is frequently. Email Nereda Haque, PMP for a resit request. Live Video training classes are frequently available. Resitting rights do not cover any request for new learning materials. Bring your learning materials with you to class. Please make sure you take the Exam in a timely manner so you have training time left for extra help should you need it.

You may take the Exam when you feel comfortable to do so.

PMI® handbook is required reading:

Go to
Click on certification
Click on what certification
See the CAPM handbook on the top left. You may download the handbook or save it for further reading.