Agile Project Management versus PMP(R) Project Management

Agile Project Management versus PMP(R) Project Management
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Agile Project Management versus PMP Project Management

by Mo Haque, PMP

Agile Project Management (APM) is application of knowledge, skills and tools & techniques in an iterative manner. Agile means nimble and able to move quickly and with suppleness, skill, and control.

Project Management (PM) is a progressive elaboration and meticulous approach to planning, directing, managing, monitoring and controlling of the project activities.

The clear contrast between APM and PM are the following:

In Agile Project Management, you define the product vision, key product capabilities, project’s quality objectives, project constraints, the stakeholders, and how the team will deliver the product. In Project Management you develop charter, identify stakeholders, plan communication, collect requirements, define scope, perform product analysis, and alternative analysis. After that you create WBS, define activities and estimate resources & activity duration.

In APM, emphasis is on the product, its vision and key capabilities. The team is selected before the start of the project, such that the team’s vision of the product is defined and an approach is determined as to how the team will deliver the product. In the PM approach, the high level product description is provided in the charter. The project manager is given the approval to engage the company resources to collect requirements for the product. The requirements are categorized and prioritized that describe the feature and function of the product of the project.

The APM approach deals with the incremental development of product features. PM methodology provides progressive elaboration or rolling wave, keeping the entire product features in context.

In APM the emphasis is “How will the team deliver the product”? In PM the emphasis is on the Scope Statement that identifies the work that must be done to produce the product, service or result.

The above contrast between APM and PM, concludes that APM is a tactical approach to product development, whereas PM is a strategic approach to deliver a product, service or result. One can also conclude that PM can be used to bring about “Change” in a corporation where as Agile does not provide the ability to foster “Change”.

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