How to use pmWorkflow 11 to answer the Role related questions

How to use <span style="color:steelblue">pmWorkflow 11</span> to answer the Role related questions
For V6 PMP Exams- updated 11-8-20 - For the exam ending 12/31/2020 - The Workflow #s will change for the PMP exam training for the Exam starting 1/2/2021

How to use pmWorkflow 11 to answer the Roles, Tasks and Responsibility Questions.

Use pmWorkflow 11 to answer any questions related to the roles, tasks or responsibility of a PM and to help you identify other associated information so you can answer the quiz question. These questions types can be encased with what will you do next type questions, fuzzy questions or Role questions.

Understand the layout of your pmWorkflow 11:

(a) In the vertical column on the far left, it tells you that these are the 45 (for V6 exam) roles scattered throughout the 5 Process Groups
(b) In the next vertical column the headings are the 5 Process Groups
(c) Now you have 5 swim lanes (horizontal areas), each of them is a different color
(d) All of your roles are in white square boxes and each is numbered within the process group
(d) If you glance across all 5 swim lanes you will find that there are 9 yellow rectangular smaller boxes attached to the role. These encase the 9 role dependent processes that you are well acquainted with.
(e) Follow the grey arrows within each process group to where it is pointing and notice where it is coming from
(f) Now look at which of the processes are related to the role within the process groups
(g) Now look at the last process group and understand it's logical sequence.

Now that you know where everything is, this pmWorkflow is the one you need to understand questions related to the PM's roles, tasks and the associated information that they point to.

There are many questions related to roles in the PMP Exam so this is an important Workflow.