The Effectiveness of Practicing Program Management

The Effectiveness of Practicing Program Management
For PgMP Certification, Program Management Training, click here. Organizations are enterprise-wide or globally challenged on how to manage their projects in order to reap maximum benefit. In order to avoid duplicity and achieve efficiency they need to organize their Projects under a Program, which are organized under a Portfolio.

If you are managing project managers, you may want to consider taking a course in program management. Instead of managing your program by the seat of your pants, or according to how others have done it in the past, align your program energies to industry best practices so your organization can achieve maximum benefits from the program. Then the project managers and other components of the program do not perform overlapping activities, thus creating maximum efficiency. They will also receive maximum leadership and direction under the program.

Sharing of information between the various components and sub-components of the programs are also essential to its success.

Program Managers must concentrate on defining, delivering and closing the program.

Talk to SmartPath LLC about program management certification and whether or not you qualify for program management certification. To attend our certification training in order to learn more about program management best practices, experience managing project managers is all you need. SmartPath LLC has been training program managers, project managers (traditional and agile) and business analysts since 2008. Our program management certification training is available in Bellevue, WA (near Seattle), Washington, DC, and in the Detroit area in Troy, MI. Or you can join our training from anywhere in the US via Live Video Conference.