Project Management Training, PMP(R) PDUs

Project Management Training, PMP(R) PDUs
Project Management Training, Live Online or Onsite in DC, WA or MI for PMP(R), PMI-ACP(R), PgMP(R) and PMI-PBA(R) credential maintenance.

Professional Development Units – PDUs - These trainings are available with a bulk purchase for organizational group learning.

SmartPath LLC provides PDUs that are short burst of “Lean & Improve” sessions. Almost all of our trainees in project management inform us that they have more project work than available time in a day. They barely get time for continuing education. In today’s hectic and fast paced business world project managers are facing challenges in keeping their skills up to date and learning new skills via collaborating with the industry experts.

Therefore SmartPath LLC has developed short burst of “Lean & Improve” sessions in project management related topics to provide continuing education and revamping of skills via collaborating with the industry experts. These PDU sessions are one hour live instructor led discussions based on case studies. The sessions are scheduled at a convenient hour, usually at the end of a business day.

Here are some of the topics of PDU sessions offered by SmartPath LLC:

1. UML Diagramming Techniques and How to Use Them
2. Understanding & Using Decision Tree Diagrams
3. Understanding Cost of Quality
4. How to Do Rolling Wave and Where Its Use Would Be Advantageous
5. Ways to Improve Duration Estimates
6. Ways to Improve Cost Estimates
7. How Quality Assurance & Quality Control Are Different
8. Ways to Monitor & Control Costs
9. Best Ways to Create WBS
10. Creative Ways You Can Collect Requirements
11. How to Create and Use an Impact & Probability Matrix
12. Ways You Can Get Stakeholder "Buy-In" For the Project
13. How To Improve Processes for Quality Management
14. What is Six Sigma & How to Use It Effectively
15. Effectively Using Risk Strategies
16. What Are the Sponsor's Roles in Project Management?
17. Forecasting & EVM
18. How to Tune SharePoint for Project Management
19. How to create and manage the Risk Register
20. How to perform Stakeholder Analysis
21. What is Business Analysis?
22. Workflow Standards
23. Business Process Simulation
24. How to Model Enterprise Processes
25. PMs Role in the Initiating Processes
26. Project Management Vs. Agile Project Management
27. Creating presentation using Microsoft Project 2010 data
28. Business Strategy to IT Action
29. Using Excel to perform Business Analysis
30. Risk and decision analysis

All of the above PDU sessions are 100% Live Video Conference, thus instructor led. The sessions are instructor led discussions based on a project “case study” that covers the subject and the best practices. The following are some of the PDU session objectives:

• Learn new skills or improve your project management skills by participating in instructor led discussions.
• Learn methodologies you can apply immediately at work.
• Learn best practices.
• Keep your PMP or PgMP Credential or other PMI® credentials current

All project managers know that they need to adhere to PMI’s Continuing Certification Requirements. To follow the program, a PM has to participate in professional development activities to earn professional development units (PDUs) and maintain their credential.

You receive one PDU for every hour of training because these classes are Instructor led training.

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