PMP Requirements, Costs & 35 Contact Hours Certificate For PMP(R) Certification

PMP Requirements, Costs & 35 Contact Hours Certificate For PMP(R) Certification
Project Management Training, PMP(R) Requirements - updated on 4-1-24, Exam fees can change often.

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Formal Education Contact Hours & Other Requirements for PMI’s PMP Exam Approval:

To be accepted by the Project Management Institute to sit for the PMP Exam, you need to fulfill the 35 formal education contact hours of project management training or you need a CAPM credential. The Exam Prep Course for the exam starting 1-2-2021 uses the PMI(R) Authorized PMP(R) Exam Prep book. We use the digital version only as you can update it if needed within 12 months. After that you can no longer up date it. This is the ONLY authorized book; however, supplemental materials can be given to the trainees. Our PMP Certification Training with Exam Prep course can be onsite for organizations or groups or 100% Live Online for individuals. Organizations and groups can choose 4 or 5 days of training. This class is designed to give you your project management 35 training hours for exam approval, as well as prepare you to take the PMP Exam, and the class provides you the skills to drive success projects within industry best practices. You will receive a Certificate of Completion for the 35 contact hours.

See All Class content Information, including the Supplement class content with full descriptions of each workflow.

Other Education Requirements If you have a four-year college degree or equivalent or greater you need 4,500 hours of project experience with a total of 3 years of experience, (36 months submitted); or 7,500 hours with a minimum of 5 years of experience (60 months submitted) if you have less than four’s years of college or equivalent or you have a high school diploma or equivalent. You do not need an HR title of a project manager in order to qualify to sit for the PMP Exam. However, for the PMP exam you need to show that you led and directed all of your projects. PMP exam applicants can go back up to 8 years to gather their experience for the PMP Exam, to report the required months and hours. Start at your most current year and count the number of months you have of project management experience, Call Nereda Haque, PMP at 360-584-8614 or email her. If you have any questions Nereda Haque, PMP will be happy to help you understand the requirements further if you are considering doing your training at SmartPath LLC. At SmartPath LLC, we help people pre-qualify by reviewing their resume before they pay for training, and we answer all of your questions. We also provide application guidance in the classroom.

PMI Fees: If you are a PMI member ($149) then the PMP exam cost $425* for the PMP credential Exam and $275 for retakes. If you are not a member the exam costs you $595 and retakes are $375. You can only take 2 retakes within any eligibility period. Membership is helpful to maintain PDU visibility and tracking after you attain your credential. Plus some items are made available to you as a PDF from time to time. In order to be able to sit the PMP Exam and schedule it, you must first submit your experience. It usually takes 3 to 5 business days for PMP Exam approval. At that point you will be emailed that you are approved, and you can schedule your Exam. Once submitted, a lower percentage of Exam applicants are selected for audit. This is part of the ISO quality control. When filling in your application, use your colleagues for references or managers who are easy-to-find managers so you can exit audit as quickly as possible. PMI no longer posts the exam costs but you can find out on chat on their website what the current fees are.

You take your PMP Exam at a Pearsons' Vue Exam site or take it Live Online. You will be given a direct link in your PMI dashboard after your exam is paid for so you can schedule your PMP exam. There is not price difference between online and onsite options.

(1) Take your 35 hours for exam approval
(2) Submit your application
(3) Upon receiving your PMP exam approval, pay the Project Management Institute
(4) Schedule your Exam following the instructions you are given following after you make your exam payment. Or follow the instructions for your audit.

*PMI requirements at the time of writing. Please go to and download the PMP Handbook for the latest details.


Classes are held over two weekends or 4 weekdays. A 5-day class is often offered when we are working with a larger number of multiple time zones or for onsite training at organizations.

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