PMI(R)PMP Requirements, Costs & 35 Contact Hours Certificate For PMP Certification

PMI(R)PMP Requirements, Costs & 35 Contact Hours Certificate For PMP Certification
Project Management Training, PMP(R)Requirements

Formal Education Contact Hours & Other Requirements for PMIs PMP Exam Approval or CAPM Exam Approval:

To be accepted by the Project Management Institute to sit for the Exam you need to fulfill the 35 formal education contact hours of project management training or you need a CAPM credential. All our PMP Certification Training with Exam Prep courses (4 or 5 days of training) are designed to give you your project management 35 training hours as well as prepare you to take the PMP Exam. You will receive a Certificate of Completion for the 35 contact hours.

Some companies supply less hours of training figuring you can find some other training hours elsewhere. Our goal is to help you pass the PMP exam and help you get your Exam approval when you need it. Our classes are packed with all the information you need in order to pass the PMP Exam.

Other Education Requirements If have a four-year college degree or equivalent or greater you need 4,500 hours of project experience with a total of 3 years of experience, (36 months submitted) or 7,500 hours with a minimum of 5 years of experience (60 months submitted) if you have less than fours years of college or equivalent or you have a high school diploma or equivalent. You do not need HR title of a project manager in order to qualify to sit for the PMP Exam. However, for the PMP exam you need to show that you lead and directed all your projects. CAPM trainees only need to take 23 hours of training in order to qualify for their exam. PMP exam applicants can go back up to 8 years to gather your experience for the PMP Exam, to report the required months and hours. Start at your most current year and count the number of months you have of project management experience , Call Nereda Haque, PMP at 360-584-8614 or email her if you have any questions and she will help you understand the requirements further. At SmartPath LLC, we help people pre-qualify by reviewing your resume before you pay for training. We assist you with the resume in the class room, and review it before you submit it. All good risk mitigation practices. If you have trained already, and you need help with pre-approval, our help is free for you also provided you are interested in attending our training.

PMI Fees:
If you are a PMI member ($129* is the membership fee and a $10 membership application fee) then the PMP exam cost $405* for the PMP credential Exam. If you are not a member the exam costs you $555.* Membership is helpful to maintain PDU visibility and tracking after you attain your credential. In order to be able to sit the PMP Exam and schedule it, you must first submit your experience. It usually takes 3 to 5 business days for PMP Exam approval. At that point you will be emailed that you are approved and you can schedule your Exam. After you pay for your Exam, 2% of Exam applicants are selected for audit. Use your colleagues for references or easy-to-find managers or you may delay your Exam for another year. You must use the references you provided so please contact them first.

You take your PMP Exam at a Prometric Exam site in North America.

(1) Take your 35 hours for exam approval
(2) Submit your application
(3) Upon receiving your PMP exam approval, pay the Project Management Institute
(4) Schedule or Exam following the instructions you are given following your exam payment or follow the instructions for your audit.

*PMI requirements at the time of writing. Please go to and download the PMP Handbook for the latest details.

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