SharePoint(R)  2016 End User<br> Training  for Project Managers,<br>  Class III

SharePoint(R) 2016 End User
Training for Project Managers,
Class III

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SharePoint 2013 End User Training in DC or Bellevue WA, for Project Managers - Class III This class is to teach you how to use SharePoint 2013 to manage your project. You will also learn how to create Workflows to do this. Mo Haque, MSEE, PMP is the Instructor for the next SharePoint End User training May 19 to 21 - 2013. He has the reputation for being one of the best SharePoint trainers in the industry.

Prerequisites: This class is # III of three classes. If you already have experience with the class work listed in # 1 and #2 then you may proceed to this class. This class is focused on managing projects, and workflows.

Locations and Training Methods:

(1) Onsite: SmartPath LLC, 2018 156th Ave NE, Bellevue WA - Parking is free at this location. For directions: click here

(2) Onsite: SmartPath LLC, 1050 Connecticut Ave NW, 5th Floor, Suite 500, Washington, DC 20036. Click here for directions and DC Metro & Parking Information & Instructions

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Most training times will be from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Number of days: One day of training

Knowledge Framework of SharePoint 2013

1. Hands-on practices (Creating, adding, deleting, etc.)

a. Creating a Project Team Site
b. Contacts List – Stakeholder Register
c. Announcements List – Project Kickoff
d. Tasks List – LOE activities
e. Issues List – Project Issues
f. Calendar – Project Calendar
g. Survey – Collect Requirements
h. Status List – Project Status and EVM

2. Developing Workflows in SharePoint 2013

a. Workflow Manager
b. Workflow API
c. SharePoint Designer
d. Visio Professional
e. Initiating Workflows
f. Initiation Forms
g. Workflow association to the 1st day hands-on exercises
h. Workflow settings
i. Editing Workflows
j. Workflow Conditions
k. Workflow Actions
l. Hands-on Workflow Development in SharePoint 2013