Six Sigma Testimonials

Six Sigma Testimonials
Testimonials from some who passed. We have 100% passing in 2019:

CSSYB Exam: Hi Nereda,
I took it Monday and passed!" Jenn R, CSSYB - Passed 11-4-2019

CSSGB Exam: "HI Mo, I past the CSSGB test this weekend. Thank you for all your help." Ryan F., CSSGB - passed 10-20-2019

CSSGB Exam: "Hope this finds you well. Just wanted to let you know that I passed the CSSGB. Thanks again for all your work in helping us prepare. We will definitely keep you in mind when we decide to move to the next level. Take care and Happy Holidays." Jonathan R., CSSGB - Passed 12-5-15

CSSGB Exam: "Hello SmartPath Team,
I wish to inform you that both myself and Jonathan R. from the ________ Team have passed our green belt exams. Special thanks to John Lefor for his support; I attribute a large part of my success to his class." - Matthew F., CSSGB - Passed 12-5-15