Why SmartPath LLC's PMP(R) Training is so unique? And how it helps you!

Why SmartPath LLC's PMP(R) Training is so unique? And how it helps you!
PMP(R) Certification Training with Exam Prep - Updated 12-9-2021

What is most unique about our PMP Training? 1. We use the PMI(R) Authorized PMP Exam Prep book which is provided in print and digital. Only Premium ATPs can provide this book. 2. We reference the processes or activities in a logical sequential order of how they flow in real life so you can also understand how to implement the knowledge and when it would be implemented depending on project methodology of predictive, agile or hybrid. This will help the Exam taker understand a situational-based question, which are now the majority of the questions.

We also teach what may go wrong in the processes, in team relationships and the business environment, and this helps the Exam taker with various types of exam questions?

It is so important to be properly prepared. Learning by rote will not help you answer these kinds of questions. Understanding is so key to your success.

Since understanding is so key. It enables you to answer the PMP Exam questions with the powerful feeling of "knowing."

We also provide you a roadmap which is also posted on our website, a study guide, and a final exam checklist of what you must do in order to pass the PMP Exam.

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