Agile Learning Package,<br> Includes 2 Hour Live Online Review

Agile Learning Package,
Includes 2 Hour Live Online Review

Item# agile-aosp-E6
Agile Online Learning Package with Exam Review Prep for the PMI-ACP exam that started on 3/26/18. This Prep Package consists of blended learning, and includes 45 days (15 day bonus) of quiz practice, the agileWorkbook, and a 2 hour Live Online Exam Review via Live Video Conference. Call Nereda Haque, PMP for possible exam review dates. The PMI-ACP® Exam fee is not included and the Pass Guarantee for PMI-ACP is not included. This class is for PDUs or Exam Prep. This class provides structured learning in the form of quiz practice and specific instruction in your agileWorkbook which you should follow. You will also receive a PMI-ACP Exam Performance Checklist for structured a learning guideline mapped to your exam. It is in your agileWorkbook. To receive a certificate of 21 hours of learning, you will need to complete 19 hours of quiz practice plus the Exam review prep portion and complete all quiz practice. This training is ideal if you have already done an Agile class; however, since the exam has changed, and you may want to update your learning or earn PDUs. Just one Exam Review Session comes with this package. Free resitting of any other Exam Review class or classes is not included. You can email us for other times.

If you are doing this training for 21; PDUs: Your PDU Item #: Agile-AOSP-E6. You will need to show that you did the 2 hour class, plus at least 19 hours of quiz practice. Please complete all quiz practice and submit it, and ask us for an email of your practice as you should keep your own PDU record.

Objective: To provide final exam review Prep in order to prepare for the PMI-ACP exam, or to earn 21 PDUs. All Training is aligned to the PMBOK Guide(R), Sixth Edition and the PMI-ACP Exam Outline. Contact us first, please. We will turn the purchase button on for you once we understand the reason for your purchase. The training is focused on what you need to know in order to pass the PMI-ACP exam, although this same knowledge provides the skills you need to know to lead your Agile projects.

Audience: Project managers wishing to earn PDUs, or Agile Practitioners wanting to pass the PMP Exam, This blended learning class is not for commercial use but for individual training.

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See PDU Details Below if you are updating your PMI certifications

PMI-ACP Exam Areas covered:
Manifesto & Agile Mindset
Product Owner
Agile PM (APM)
Agile Team
Appropriate Business Stakeholders
10 Methodologies
Tools and Techniques

PMI-ACP Exam Breakdown by Category
Domain Number Domain Title Percent in Exam Number of Questions in Exam
Domain I. Agile Principles and Mindset16% 16
Domain II. Value-Driven Delivery20% 20
Domain III. Stakeholder Engagement 17%17
Domain IV. Team Performance1616
Domain V.Adaptive Planning12%12
Domain VI.Problem Detection and Resolution10%10
Domain VII. Continuous Improvement (Product, Process,People 17%17

If you are doing this blended learning class for PDUs: PMI PDU #: AS203.

PDU Details : T = Technical for the certification; L = Leadership; S = Strategic. For TLS breakdown: PDU # is Agile-AOSP

PMP®/PgMP® PDUs: T/L/S: 14/4/3
PMI-ACP® PDUs: T/L/S: 14/4/3
PfMP® PDUs: T/L/S: 14/4/3
PMI-PBA® PDUs: T/L/S: 0/4/3

Your Learning Plan: Blended Learning for the PMI-ACP Exam - Prepare Yourself To Pass: This training provides interactive and simulated learning with materials; that is, e-learning comprised of online web quizzes that provide all answers, and a 2 hour exam review with Instructor Mo Haque, MSEE, MSEE, PMP, PMI-ACP, PMI-PBA, EDMP, CMfgT

(1) Decide on a 2 hour Instructor Led Review Date
(2) Study your materials
(3) Request your quiz links
(3) Finish all quiz practice 2 times
(4) Take the 2 Hour Instructor Review class
(5) Complete another Iteration of quiz practice
(6) Take exam.

For Exam or PDU Trainees:
(1) Materials will be sent out within a week of purchase.
(2) You will be sent exam review class instructions based on location or Live Online Video Conference. You have 45 total days to complete them from the time you receive the quiz links.
(3) Email us when you wish to start your online quiz practice subscription

Also refer to your Agile Kanban board for quiz instructions. You will receive this link with quiz instructions.
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