How To Become A Project Manager

How To Become A Project Manager
This question - How can I become a Project manager? - is an excellent question. Contact us to talk about your needs if a class you want to take is not currently offered. It's likely we can schedule it. Call Nereda Haque, PMP at 360-584-8614.

Why Project Management? Today companies grow by doing projects. Projects are short term, (temporary) and have unique outcomes. They have start and finish dates. You are either doing the project for a customer of an organization or for your own organization. Either way, doing a project is a very important activity. It is important that the project is efficient; that is performs within the allowable budget and schedule. Projects come in different sizes. Small projects could have one project manager managing everything. Global projects may have hundreds of people throughout multiple countries and you may be part of a team responsible for just a part of a project.

About Project Managers: Beginning Project managers average about $62,000 annually and very experienced project managers are earning well over that, some more than double, and some triple dependency on the industry and experience. Many experienced PMs in Seattle or the DC Metro may earn well over $100,000 yearly.

If you are work well with people, are able to organize yourself and are willing to take responsibility for your actions, you may be an excellent candidate to make this career change. At first you will be a project team member and as you continue to learn and improve your skills you can certainly grow into positions with added responsibility, and you may eventually lead projects.

First things first:

(a) You need a high school diploma or equivalent to get started. It doesn't matter what country you earned this in.

(b) You need project management training that is recognized by major companies looking for potential employees with industry best practices skill sets. Your education should follow the standards of the Project Management Institute which is a recognized global leader for industry best practices. The Project Management Institute promotes its quality standards through Registered Education Providers and other means.

(c) Picking a Registered Education Provider. Pick a provider who can help you grow. This provider can give you training from basic fundamentals of project management to the most popular certifications which are the CAPM®, PMI-ACP® and PMP® Certifications. These are the certifications constantly requested by Employers. Good Education Providers will give you additional opportunities to learn through PDU training that will continue to advance your skills in both project management and the tools you can use. Use an education provider who has a high passing rate for their certification training as this is a good indicator as to the quality of training you will receive. Usually Institutions such as colleges and universities are not the best place to learn project management as their training is less dynamic (not up to date.)

Contact SmartPath LLC. Send us your resume. Email Nereda Haque, PMP to ask questions. 1-855-SMART 50 or 1-360-584-8614.

Let us help you decide where you should start your training. Some people have done projects all their lives. They just don't realize they were projects because they either didn't have the title of a project manager or their activities didn't carry the project label.

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(c) Don't know where to begin? Call Nereda Haque, PMP at 360-584-8614 (cell) or send her an email. Attach your resume if you wish. She will get it and will be able to answer your questions regarding where you should start your training based on your experience.

Methods of Training. Most popular is 100% Live Online. All training is 100% Instructor-led regardless of your chosen method: 100% Live Online Cert with Exam Prep or Bellevue-Seattle or DC Onsite or Troy, MI Onsite or Government Prices. See See testimonials and Other PMP class details