PMP® Exam Preparation, Your PMP Exam Application

PMP® Exam Preparation, Your PMP Exam Application
PMP® Exam Preparation - It' not necessary to get your PMP Exam Application submitted before training

No prior preparation is required to take a SmartPath LLC class. You don't need to submit your PMP Application until at the end of your PMP Certification with Exam Prep class. We will help you with your Application and review it before you submit it.

(1) No prior Prep for your experience submission is needed. You will< get these 35 hours in training and on the last day of class, you may submit it when you go home or before you come to the class room. We go over how to do your application in class on day one. Then you can email it to us for review half way through your training so it is ready to submit on the last day of class. Even so, most people can get approved to take the Exam within 10 to 12 days or less following class. Get the application in early and the PMP Exam paid for even if you are delaying the Exam a little, so you have this portion of your processes out of the way, and either know that you have "escaped" the audit, or worked through it and have it behind you. Take a little longer to take the Exam if your gaps are many. However, with diligent effort you should be able to finish it within 30 days. Take the Exam when you are ready, and not before you have diligently prepared. Our suggestion is to take no longer than a few weeks so you are still fresh. Some of our trainees are already pre-approved and they sit the Exam between 1 to 3 days after class. We still feel 3 to 5 days of preparation doesn't hurt anyone and may prevent risk of failure.

(2) No Prior Prep for your learning: We combine both the certification learning and the PMP Exam prep learning in one class. Reason: The certification training by Process Groups, Knowledge areas, OTTIs (Outputs, Tools & Techniques & Inputs), project manager roles and responsibilities, and general industry information, definitions, are the framework upon which you will be tested for the PMP Exam so we want to review those areas, along with some discussion on Ethics which you may get within the process groups. Although you don't get many of them now. Then we do specific exercises and Exam Practice questions to help you remember and understand those areas throughout your training, learning keywords and synonyms to define meaning and pick out the correct answer, or know the correct formulas you might use, etc.

About Your Experience Submission: Use IN: for Initiating; P:: for Planning; EX: for Executing; MC: for Monitoring and Controlling and CL: for Closing.

Start from the current year going backwards. If you have a for year degree, document 4500 hours over 36 months. If you want a cushion add another 500 hours. Don’t overdo it. It is not necessary. If you have a high school diploma or equivalent, then document 7500 hours over 60 months with a 500 hour cushion if you want to. None of the cushion hours are necessary. If you worked contract, call the HR department to make sure your hours are accurate if you misplaced your documentation. If you need help with understanding what a project definition is then read the information on this link: experience submission

How you submit your experience and the formal education (35 hours of training) is part of the instructions you will receive on your first day of training at SmartPath LLC.

(a) You will need to gather the following information. Project name or give it one, start date, end date, who will vouch for the hours (colleague or manager - often colleagues are easier as you can find then more quickly if you are audited for verification purposes), the contact information for each project - Name, address, phone number; Name of the organization where the project was done and address; How much of your time was spent in initiating, planning, executing, monitoring & Controlling and closing by hours. It is very easy them to go to and go to certification, pick the certification, then ready to apply. There is no charge to get exam approval. Save it as a PDF and send it to SmartPath LLC so we can review it for you. Submit it before you come to class on the last day.

(b) You will describe each project - 350 to 550 character description for each project – using PMI terminology examples which you will find within the Experience Submission, (or in the back of our training manual - pmWorkbook, or see SmartPath LLC Workflow 12 when you are in class. No overlapping of project hours is allowed. Combine overlapping projects if you do program management with related projects so you don't have any overlapping or leave them out if you have enough projects.

(c) Note about when you put in the class hours: Add the dates you took your PMP Certification Class with Exam Prep and your 35 hours of training.

PMP is a registered mark of the Project Management Institute.

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