PMP® Certification Preparation and Prioritizing Your Time.

PMP® Certification Preparation and Prioritizing Your Time.
PMP® Certification Training with Exam Prep

How to prioritize your time to take the PMP Exam?

It is always best to come to class with a PMP Exam Goal. You can always adjust this goal once you are in training. If you are pre-approved to take the Exam you might want to take it within 7 days or less. Two weeks or less will give you time to study over a weekend and be less stressed out. And two weeks will also give you time to submit your experience and 35 hours of training if you are not preapproved. You should get PMI Exam approval within 3 to 5 days after submission. 2 % of people may be audited. If this happens and you work quickly to provide what they have asked, you may be through the audit within one week. Remember, the shorter time you give yourself to take the Exam the more effort you need to give preparation for the Exam in the classroom or after each day of class. Make every moment count. If you decide you have too many gaps in your experience, reset your goal based upon what you have determined you need, in order to feel comfortable with all of the materials.

Avoiding Life's Pitfalls: The best way to avoid life's pitfalls is to get the Exam out of the way as quickly as you can. Once you are interrupted and you are no longer Exam-focused it is difficult to get on track again. Some people take lots of time to study, then let life get in their way. It is all important stuff of course, like a new job, new large projects that sap your time, a broken relationship, a lost job, a death or illness in the family. However, once life happens, and it certainly takes time to adjust, try not to totally shelve the PMP Exam.

You can keep your head into the Exam thing a little at a time. At SmartPath LLC we have laminated workflows and exercises, check lists and tools that make this easy. While sipping some coffee, notice one process and one output and study where the output goes, for example. Notice the tool and technique used. And think about it for a few days. Then when you are in a better place, you will find that it will not take you so much work to prepare yourself. You can also start reading the pmWorkbook backwards a few pages at a time. Update 3-26-18

Look at Workflows 11 to 16 here and there so you don't forget what you learned here.

Set yourself a new goal. Without a goal human beings often keep procrastinating. Set a new goal and rearrange your life to meet it.

Practice what you learned in class at work. This will re-enforce your knowledge. Teaching others on your team will also help you. It has been shown that people retain over 90% of what they teach.

Re-sit in class if necessary: At SmartPath LLC you can train for up to 6 months if you're taking an original full PMP Certification class (4 or 5 Day Boot Camp), (check the details of the class program you purchased) by resitting a class via Live Video Conference, even before you take the PMP Exam. See your guarantees for all details. You don't receive new materials when you resit the training, neither do you receive the free quiz subscription again, and if the materials have changed you will need new materials to sit in the classroom; however, you can always do the Live Video Conference training. Pages change tremendously for all exam changes and there's a lot of new content. We cannot interrupt the training of the new trainees to look up pages for you during the class, because there is not time. If you have current materials, then bring your materials to class.

Loyalty Refreshers for those whose resitting has expired are always available on this URL. After the 3 refresher choices, you will see 2 self learning packages, followed by the V6 learning package.
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