Final PMP® Exam Preparation for V6

Final PMP® Exam Preparation for V6
(1) Finish all Prep Exercises
(2) Start your online quiz practice, completing an entire iteration without repeating any quizzes along the way
(3) Look up any areas you do not understand in context in pmWorkbook, pmWorkbook Exercises, and using Workflows 11 and 13,and 16
(4) After quiz practice, learn your formulas
(5) Review Exercise 1 of your Exercise Book Solutions with all materials on your desk as well as Workflows 11,13. Review Boxes 5 and 8 on each flash page.
(6) Check off the information in your quiz practice instructions
(7) Review your Final Review & Exam Prep Tab
(8) Check off your Final Review checklist
(9) Email or call us if you have questions. If the questions are about your quiz practice, send full screen shots please as questions are shuffled.
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