SmartPath LLC's PMP(R) Certification Training, Customers from all Industries because PMP Training is Generic

SmartPath LLC's PMP(R) Certification Training,  Customers from all Industries because PMP Training is Generic
SmartPath LLC's Trainees from all kinds of industries come to SmartPath LLC to prepare to sit for the PMP® Exam. During the PMP Certification Prep Training, you will learn best practices of project management. It is generic training. It doesn't matter what industry you are from. During the training you will discuss examples of project management from many industries.

Who are the trainees?

Project Managers, Program Managers, PMOs, CEOs, COOs, MBAs, Portfolio Managers, IT Developers, School Administrators, Engineers, Architects, Construction Contractors, Bank Administrators, School Administrators, Operations & Business Managers, IT Managers from all kinds of organizations, Directors from various organizations, MBAs, CPAs, Business Managers, Computer Networks & Other IT People, Health IT, Military Personnel (from Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, Military Hospitals), Manufacturing Personnel), Bio Sciences, Researchers, Nurses and many others. We receive trainees who work in various Federal Government Organizations and those whose companies do major contracts for these organizations.

Our trainees have come from over 500 companies / organizations / government and military agencies from Washington State, Oregon, Canada, Washington D.C., Maryland, North Carolina, Nevada, Michigan, Illinois, Georgia, West Virginia, New York, Pennsylvania, California, Arizona, Idaho, Florida, Massachusetts, Nebraska, New Jersey, Alabama, Georgia, West Virginia and Virginia including those for whom we have done onsite training. These onsite trainees or 100% Live Online Trainees who are individuals, or Business to Business.

You do not need a title or role of a project manager in order to get the PMP(R) certification. You do, however, need project experience. Once you know the definition of a project, you will know how much project experience you really have.

PMP Training is generic:

Sometimes people are concerned about doing the right training and wonder if project management comes in different formats that are industry specific. In fact there are many different kinds of projects such as those for research, construction, IT, government, educational institutions, software companies, banking industries, manufacturing, insurance, healthcare, non-profits etc. etc.

The good part about PMI’s project management training is that it is generic. And it is globally sought after and revered. It is the gold standard! It is the credential that corporations and organizations want you to have! It is a guideline of best practices that stays dynamic and current. You can apply it to any industry. Therefore, it doesn’t matter what industry you are in; when you take the training you will put your PMI hat on as it were and learn what you need to know in order to pass the exam. And you will learn what you need to know to successfully manage a project. This training will also teach you project management best practices that will increase the success of the projects you manage!

So don’t worry about what industry you are in. Get the best practices down by getting your PMP training. You will be surprised how much you already know. Perhaps you will learn some new lingo, and you will be exposed to some new methods, new tools and techniques. Certainly you will be exposed to industry best practices if you haven't been already. Maybe you want to take the appropriate training to learn project management. Whatever your goal, SmartPath LLC’s classes will give you the tools and the know-how to be an excellent project manager and/or get your PMP® credential too.

All PMP Certification Options:
Options including Live Online & Government Live Online Pricing for individuals or groups

100% Live Online- fully instructor Led or
All Govt Training, including Federal Govt or
In Classroom Groups Washington DC or
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in classroom Washington State Groups or
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