Current PMP Exam Details

Current PMP Exam Details
The New PMP(R) Exam is now the current PMP Exam and it references the new PMBOK Guide, Sixth Edition from Mar 26, 2018 going forward. SmartPath LLC's PMP Certification training is aligned to this book and the V6 PMP Exam.

Our pmWorkbook for PMP Certification, V6.b and V6.c contains an exam performance checklist in Appendix A so you can measure your exam preparation knowledge against the PMP Exam content before you take the exam for decisive learning action in exam preparation. This Exam Performance Checklist has been emailed to all trainees. If you don't have one, please contact Nereda Haque, PMP for a copy.

Transition loyalty retraining: As of 12/31/2018 this transition time has expired.

The V6 PMP Exam is the current exam.
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