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How to Use Your Transition Handout to Retrain - This was a January 2016 Promotion for Prior Exam People

How to Use Your  <span style="color:steelblue"> Transition Handout </span> to Retrain - This was a January 2016 Promotion for Prior Exam People
Note to SmartPath LLC Trainees: This was for the V5 to V5.2 PMP Exam. This exam ended 3/25/18. Please see information for the new V6 exam which started on 3-26-18

This handout is no longer available; however, it was mailed or given to all prior exam trainees to needed to move over to the new PMP® Exam who signed up for our PMP /Transition Training. If you attended the transition / pmconversion training in January 2016 onsite or Live Video Conference you are also entitled to 5 days of free quiz practice. You need to email neredahaque@smartpathllc.com in order to get started. If you don't have it or you have lost it, please click here for the options that you have now.

How to use your handout – This information is especially important if you’re not ordering the new materials – you will need all new quizzes to pick up the new skills areas and to learn how to interpret the new roles and the new emphasis across all roles. Here's a table of content for your transition materials:

How to combine your prior Exam pmWorkbook with your transition materials:
1. Sequence numbers: They have changed – see page 60. Use this slide for your new process sequence. You can also use a marker and re-sequence your Workflow 13 if you'd prefer
2. Cross out Roles in your materials: When you’re reading through the “old” exam materials, cross out the roles that are mentioned after each process. The former PM roles have been modified, one has been deleted and 8 have been added. All of your roles are in your transition materials
3. Quiz Practice: Redoing all quizzes is always best; however, you will cover most of the new areas in Quizzes A, I, J, L, K and it would be good to do Quiz H. If you are weak in Math, quiz D is an excellent practice opportunity. If you have been complying for the pass guarantee, then finish all quiz practice again before taking the second exam in order to stay compliant.
4. Increase / Decrease in Executing / Closing: See slide 3 of your handout and note that there are now 62 questions in Executing and only 14 in Closing.
5. Understand the concepts: Understanding 72% of your materials and learn cognitively through reasoning and analytical thinking by practicing the quizzes. Don't forget to balance your knowledge according to the number of questions within each process group.

6. PM Conversion Content
    For Start Up & Initiating – See beginning sides:
    Processes 1 to 9 - see Slide 4
    Start-up and Initiating, Slide 5
    8 PM Roles for Processes 1 to 6 - Slides 6,7
    15 PM Roles for Processes 7 to 34 - Slides 8 to 10
    7 PM's Roles in Executing - Slide 11
    7 PM Roles in M & C - Slide 12
    7 PM Roles in Closing - Slide 13
    See other changes and or additions to specific areas:
    What is Project Management? See New Areas on Slide 14
    Project Methodologies, Lifeycle & Comparisons - Slides 15 to 19
    Project Stakeholders - Slides 20 - 22
    Processes / Process Group, Sequential Flow     Start to End: Workflow # 12 - You can fill in yours using a marking pen or small sticky labels - Use     Slide 60 for new process names. the Process list is on the left - Slides 23 to 28
    PM Skills - Slide 28
    Process # 4 - Slide 29
    Project Impacts - Slide 30
    Strategic Management - Slides 31 to 35
    Knowledge Management - Slides 35 to 36
    Risks etc - Slides 37 to 40
    Processes 7 and 15 - Slides 41 to 44
    Processes 33 to 34 - Slides 45 to 47
    Addition to Quality Tools - Slides 48 to 53
    Description of process groups - Slide 53
    Processes 1 to 1; 55 - Slide 54
    Framework - Slide 55
    Prevailing Exam areas - Slide 56
    Exam areas that you should know - Slide 57
    How to do the quiz practice - Slide 58
    Quiz Subscription List - A to L - Slide 59
    Sequential Flow - Slide 60

7. The 47 processes on Chart # 12 are the same - just different numbers – these are the processes that are NOT in yellow boxes

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