Free Transition Training from the V6 PMP exam

 Free Transition Training from the V6 PMP exam<br> Cancelled
This SmartPath LLC trainee loyalty class - This training is not be available for the 7-1-2020 PMP Exam change due to substantial changes to the PMP exam.

About the PMP Exam: We are currently training for the current V6 Exam which started on 3/26/18. You have until June 30, 2020 to take the current PMP exam. The new PMP exam will start on 7/1/2020.

For the current PMP Exam Trainees – Information updated 12-19-2019: Free and unlimited re-sitting of the current PMP exam training will be available through our last training date for the current exam, provided someone buys the class you wish to re-sit, and provided the trainee still has free re-sitting options. We will not be able to provide free re-sitting after the last current PMP class to current PMP Exam takers. Plan to take and pass your exam well before the 6-30-2020 cut off so you can retake the exam again should you not pass the first time. While most of our people pass the first time, plan ahead to mitigate any risks. Free re-sitting is available to our trainees when someone purchases a class. To re-sit a class for the current exam, all you need to do is contact Nereda Haque, PMP at 360-584-8614 or just email her requesting a re-sitting opportunity for the current exam. Our goal is to help you pass, and this has always been the mission that drives us over the last 12 years. We are available through texts, phone calls and emails to all our trainees. If you need to take the new PMP exam, you will be considered a new student by the Project Management Institute, Inc. We cannot provide direction to help you transition to the new PMP Exam until we know more about the future PMI processes and requirements. See “New PMP Exam” below. What we do know: that you will need new materials and new training to pass the new PMP Exam that starts 7-1-2020 if you don’t pass the current PMP Exam. Re-sitting the new PMP exam will not be an option for current PMP Exam trainees, because if you need to take the new exam, you will need retraining as 50% of the exam is changing. Summary: re-sitting ends with the current PMP exam Prep for the current PMP trainee, third exam payments will be made on your behalf if applicable, current policies and other guarantees conflicting with this 12-19-2019 announcement will be overridden by it, and at this time a free exam transition class will not be available due to substantially different content.

New PMP Exam Trainees – Information updated 12-19-2019: The Project Management Institute (PMI) Inc. is making a lot of changes for the new PMP exam, affecting all PMI Registered Education Providers. They have contracted a third-party exam content organization to write the PMP exam materials. New PMP Exam classes starting 7-1-2020 will be purchased off the PMI website and you can select your Provider such as SmartPath LLC, and PMI will be charging a fee per student. This is being created by PMI and it’s not available yet. We have posted training for an extended period during May. After that it is possible that none of us will be able to start training for the new PMP exam until on or after 7-1-2020. Until now, there has not been an official PMP Exam book from PMI; however, Registered Education Providers can supplement these materials with examples, etc. We don’t know how these new PMI PMP exam changes will affect free re-sitting at this time or any of our guarantees, including third exam payments and current policies; however, we expect to be updated in early 2020 so do check back. We hope we can provide you more in the future. We don’t know how the new processes will affect organizational purchases.

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