PMP(R) Transition Prep <br>for 2021 PMP exam.<br>Special for SmartPath LLC's PMP Cert V6 Trainees who first bought a new<br>class from Feb 2018 to Dec 2020.<br>The PMP Exam is not included<br>Check with us before you purchase

PMP(R) Transition Prep
for 2021 PMP exam.
Special for SmartPath LLC's PMP Cert V6 Trainees who first bought a new
class from Feb 2018 to Dec 2020.
The PMP Exam is not included
Check with us before you purchase

Item# PMP-Budget-Loyalty
Availability: Contact us for availability
PMP Certification Transition retraining for the PMP Exam, 100% Live Online. This price is only for SmartPath LLC's Trainees who purchased an original or retraining V6 class, 4 or 5 day (or two weekends), who trained for the PMP exam ending 12-31-2020 anytime from Feb 2018 through Dec 4, 2020. If you were a V5 or earlier trainee who did not purchase a retraining at $799 or greater for V6 training, then this class price point does not apply to you. After every PMP exam ends, SmartPath LLC always offers special deals for people who still need to take the PMP Exam. It is even more important now that so many people could not schedule or had technical difficulties. Please read full instructions in this paragraph as this training is for a limited time only. This price offer offer of $272 is only available from January 2021 through the last class in March which must be purchased by 3/20/2021, based on the above conditions in the purchase menu which is either 6 Transition Trainees (V6 to new exam) have to purchase for a given date or one new class purchase or a regular loyalty purchase trainee has purchased the class. There are two regular loyalty price points. They are available year round. See all retraining options on this page

Verify SmartPath LLC is a PMI(R) Authorized Training Partner, #3441.

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Please call or text Nereda Haque, PMPf or all information on training at 360-584-8614 or email her.

Very Experienced Instructor, PMI(R) Authorized Training Instructor:: Mo Haque, MSEE, PMP, PMI-ACP, PMI-PBA, CMfgT, EDMP See his experience. Verify all of Mo Haque's badges, including his PMI Instructor badge.

Since the curriculum for this training is very different, you are not re-sitting the training you took previously, but you are retraining in order to prepare for another PMP Exam which started on 1/2/2021. The PMP exam fee is not included in the price of the class.

Condition of purchase: There are no guarantees that any of these classes will happen, although 2 new training sessions have already happened. Someone has to pay the regular price or a loyalty price for this class in order for you to have the training at $272 which is a transition price, provided mostly due to the COVID-19 crisis and now because the PMP exam ending 12/31/2020 administrators could not accommodate the large amount of traffic. The third exam pass guarantee, and the PMP exam fees are not included in the training price. If no one purchases a class in the first quarter, then this purchase price will not happen. An online PMP quiz practice will start on the third day of training. See the "add to cart" menu for a complete description covering policies, and what you will receive, what you won't receive and conditions of purchase. Thank you. Any purchased classes will be marked PC for short so that you know they are available.

"If our V6 PMP exam trainees (for the exam ending 12/31/2020) still need to take the PMP exam after 12/31/2020 they will qualify to purchase a special re-training at a special transition price opportunity and will be able to take the class once based on requirements listed in the above purchase menu. This training is for 4 days (total training class days) at a price of $272 (retraining loyalty) which includes digital and hard copies of materials. Be flexible when there are available PC training dates, otherwise, you may miss this price opportunity for this class. This training price will become an option after 1/2/2021. This special price will end for the Class of March 30 to April 2, 2021. This transition price of $272 is a loyalty special for only SmartPath LLC's trainees who took their training with us for the exam ending 12/31/2020. If you qualify, reach out to Nereda Haque after 1/2/2021 and she will provide you the purchase link. "

Our other PMP trainees who purchased a prior 4 or 5-day PMP exam original training or retraining over the years may purchase the new Exam training at a loyalty discount. The $949 re-training option is a loyalty price for all of our trainees and will apply to V6 trainees after the March 30 to April 2 training. Those trainees who want all benefits of their original class, will get it with this purchase which includes 12 months of re-sitting or until (PMI) changes the materials whichever is first. Another class with only 3 re-sitting opportunities within 90 days of class, and no third-exam pass guarantee will be available at $888 after 11/20/2020 also. These loyalty-priced classes are for any of our prior SmartPath LLC trainees.

Materials & Shipping: PMI(R) Authorized PMP(R) Exam Prep book, in both hard copy and digital format. There are no refunds on print and or digital. If shipping is not to a lower 48 states of the US, extra shipping fees may apply so please let us know your address in advance, and we will quote you the additional shipping fees. You will pay any amount over $22 includes tax. Allow 10 days for materials to arrive. This material can only be obtained through a PMI(R) Authorized Training Partner.

SmartPath LLC is a PMI(R) Authorized Training Partner, 3441. Mo Haque, MSEE, PMP, PMI-ACP, PMI-PBA, CMfgT, EDMP is the instructor for all training. Verify Mo Haque's Authorized PMI(R) Authorized Instructor badge.