Premium 3 Hour PMP® Certification<br> Fast Track Exam Review Prep

Premium 3 Hour PMP® Certification
Fast Track Exam Review Prep

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PMP(R) Certification Fast Track Exam Review Prep - This class may be offered in the future for V6 PMP Training - Premium. This class is 3 hours and is best suited for those who have taken a PMP Prep class in the past for any Version PMP Exam and who needs to understand the new content - the current PMP exam started Jan 12 - 2016 - and it's now called V5.2 PMP exam. This class includes the SmartPath LLC PMP Certification with Exam materials, the 30-day online quiz practice subscription for interactive learning and a 3 hour class personally delivered by an Instructor. SmartPath LLC is a PMI Registered Education Provider,* (R.E.P.) #3441. Click on the picture to the left to enlarge a brief summary.

Purchase 4 days to get new materials. You should do this if you have former exam materials.

This PMP® Certification Fast Track Exam Review Prep is aligned to the PMP Exam Outline. The PMP Exam is not included in this class and the PMP Guarantees do not apply. Free resitting of the 3 hours of this class are not available.

Classes are held in the evenings. Methods of training: Live Video Conference from anywhere in the US or onsite in DC or WA - times as designated. Classes are guaranteed to run at the time of purchase or registration so register or purchase early if you wish to save the class dates. We highly recommend completing a total review of the materials, completing all quiz practice, and scheduling your exam within 5 to 10 days of class before class starts so you can reap the most benefit.

What you receive and do not receive:

(a) The 100% Instructor Led, 3 hour Exam Review portion of this class is the same as PMP® Certification Fast Track Exam Review Prep, Add-on and is held at the same time
(b) This class provides all materials from our PMP Certification with Exam Prep class
(c) Up to 30 days of online quiz practice
(d) Not included: The PMP Exam, SmartPath LLC's Pass Guarantee, and free resitting of the Instructor Led 3 hour Exam Review portion are not included.

See below for our recommended preparation for class. To excel by taking this blended learning class, set up your start date for quiz practice and finish all online questions before coming to class - leave your quiz start date in the comments box in the "Add to Cart" menu or email it to us. If you were looking for testimonials, click here.

If you are not ready in time to take the 3 hour Instructor Led Portion of this Exam Review Prep blended learning, that you signed up for, you may reschedule at no cost to you. If you reschedule you are required to finish your training within 6 months or before the next PMP exam change in the first quarter of 2018. Reschedule by notifying

Audience: This is a PMP® Certification Fast Track Exam Review Prep class, especially tailored for people who have taken a PMP Certification Prep Course before, from a PMI Registered Education Provider*, who still needs to take the PMP exam and they are on a budget to get it done. For best results decide on the following:

(a) Finish all practice of the online quizzes and study your materials - pmWorkbook and the Workflows, before coming to class - Put yourself in exam ready mode
(b) Take your exam the day after class if you feel absolutely confident after you have completed (a) or
(c) Take notes during your 3 hours of training and review the areas where you found requires more work before taking the exam.
(d) PMP Exam Application: If you need to reapply send an email requesting the new PMP Application instructions - download the PDF from PMI after you exit the application, then we will review it for you before you submit it. Or see Appendix C for the PMP Application instructions once you receive your materials.

Step up to the plate and get ready to bat soon after the night of your Exam Review class. This is what it's like preparing for the PMP Exam. However, if you're playing to win, you won't step up to bat before you have practiced. And you won't step up to bat before your coach has given you the finishing touches. This PMP Exam Review class is just like that. The instructor will help you escalate your final exam preparation, and if you answer questions in the class he will be able to assess your readiness.

Also, if your former class was not Version 4, 5 or 5.2 you might want to take another class.

Class Objectives

(1) To provide, at a nominal cost, prior PMP Certification trainees from SmartPath LLC or other REP organizations a study method for passing the exam which includes a 3 hour fast track review.
(2) To take the PMP Exam within 5 to 10 days of taking the class, even next day if you do a through prior-to-class preparation (3) To effectively allow trainees to leverage interactive training with a PMP Exam Review Fast Track Prep for retraining an exam they studied for but weren't able to take.

Instructor: Mo Haque, MSEE, MSEE, PMP

What You Will Receive:
SmartPath LLC's materials - pmWorkbook, pmWorkbook Exercises, 15 Workflows,
30 days of Online Quiz practice starting before you come to class - 2043 questions. Set your dates of quiz practice with Put your start date request in the comments box in the 'add to cart' menu if you already know what you want. You may also extend your practice by purchasing more practice time. See PMP Quiz list
Your materials will be shipped via USPS priority anywhere within the lower 48 states and Alaska to the address you give. We will get you a quote if it's going to Hawaii. You will pay the difference of the postage that normally costs $13.65
The class will review crucial areas in your pmWorkbook and refer to your materials frequently, as well as to your pmWorkbook exercises and the online quiz practice. Bring all of your materials to class.

This is a one time training class - meaning resitting is not applicable. Trade in value is not applicable.

Onsite or Live Online Video Conference Training Options - See "Add to Cart" for dates: Locations Onsite or Live Online using your computer:
1) Bellevue, WA - SmartPath LLC - 2018 156th Ave NE, Bellevue, WA 98007. Parking is Free. Bellevue, WA is in the Great Seattle Metropolitan area in Northern Washington State.
2) Washington, DC: SmartPath LLC, 1050 Connecticut Ave NW, Floor 5, Suite 500, Washington, DC 20036. Click here for directions and DC Metro & Parking Information & Instructions
(3) Live Online Video Conferencing using your computer only is available sometimes.

Times & Dates: See the add to cart menu for times and click on the down arrow for dates.

The PMP Exam is not included. The Pass Guarantee is not included

Instructions for Live Video Conference Training (LVC): You will get the email from Please add this email to your contacts. Using a headphone is preferred and is needed if you are planning to participate in class discussion. Mo will send the link out late night before or early morning of. Text me at 360-584-8614 if you can’t find your link.

For PC Users: PC test

For Mac / Apple Users: Apple test

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