PMP® Exam Preparation - Flexibility is available

PMP® Exam Preparation - Flexibility is available
PMP® Exam Preparation. See all Onsite & Live Online Training Options:


1. Guaranteed2run training at the time of purchase
2. Flexible days if you need them. You can even mix Live Video and onsite training. Whatever floats your boat! Example - take your four days of training, one day at a time with space between.
3. No fees for rescheduling
4. Free unlimited resitting for up to six months from your first day - necessary if you have a lot of knowledge gaps or life or even new projects block you from taking the Exam
5. Help with your Exam application in class or before class if you need it, and review of your application before you submit it.
6. Have questions about your qualifications? Send your resume to Nereda Haque, PMP and she will review your experience for you:
7. Learn by visualizing the processes sequentially and be empowered to answer all of those "what will you do next" questions!
8. Coaching through email (preferred) or phone calls. After class, just call Nereda Haque, PMP with your questions.
9. See our pass guarantee. You will pay the first time. If you don't pass, you pay the 2nd Exam; and if for some reason you still don't pass, we will pay for the third exam. See all details under "More about the PMP Training." Mandatory activities are required. In the meantime we work with you more than any other program, through repeating online or onsite classes, phone calls, emails, reviewing your challenges. Your passing is our Mission. See all pass guarantee details.

Learn at your own speed if you desire. Let us guide you to success. However, don't step any steps. Sometimes, just getting people to do all of the exercises in our book is all it takes to get them to pass the next time. Why? They did not understand keywords, connections, and the important information they would have covered. Our exercises related to frequently need exam knowledge. Makes sense! Practicing over 2,100 practice (mock) questions also help because they cover all of the knowledge from start to finish. However, if you learn them by rote, they won't help you because there is no such thing as REAL exam questions for your to practice. Focus on the questions you get wrong and the concept that drove the correct answer.

Free Re-sitting: for the PMP exam starting 1/2/2021 is for up to 12 months from your original training or until PMI changes their PMI(R) Authorized PMP(R) Exam Prep book, whichever is first. If the exam changes, then you will need to retrain for the new PMP Exam if your time to take the new PMP exam has expired.

See PMP Cert Live Online PMP Training for Individual or Group Training, each person using a computer or laptop.
Or PMP Cert Prep in Bellevue or Greater Seattle or anywhere in WA for Onsite Group Training
Or PMP Cert Prep in Washington, DC for Onsite Group Training
Or Michigan - for Onsite Group Training
Or See Government Options for 100% Live Online or schedule a group training Live Online or Onsite with us.
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Or, if you took a PMP class before from SmartPath LLC before and you still need to take the PMP exam, then see our loyalty programs that are discounted for our former PMP trainees to retrain. We understand that life can get in the way and a few people may not pass the first time, and it may have been too late to retake the same PMP exam again, as the exam tends to change every 2.5 to 3 years.