Many in The Project Management Industry now Require a Business Analyst for Requirements Management

Many in The Project Management Industry now Require a Business Analyst for Requirements Management

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Looking forward the Business Analysts role as currently assessed is going to make changes to both the role of the PM and the role of the Agile Project Manager as organizations work to shore up the risks of collecting accurate and specific requirements, fully detailed and able to be implemented, validated, controlled and verified throughout the product life cycle. For a couple of years now it has been purported that the inability to get this right is the major cause of project failure. Also validated by Mo Haque, PMP in February of 2012 when he released an article on this very subject.

Now best industry practice is to have skilled and well trained business analysts on board for project management who are now the owners of the Project’s Requirements Management Plan.

The department of Labor is expecting huge growth, most likely due to this new trend.

From PMI’s website: “Demand is growing for professionals experienced in business analysis. The number of business analysis jobs is predicted to increase 19 percent by 2022, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. This research indicates a growing need for skilled professionals. Performing business analysis on projects and programs allows organizations to implement desired changes and achieve strategic objectives.

The PMI-PBA® highlights your expertise in business analysis. It spotlights your ability to work effectively with stakeholders to define their business requirements, shape the output of projects and drive successful business outcomes.“

We have already scheduled the class almost monthly next year.

Mo Haque, MSEE, MSEE, PMP, will be the only instructor at this time for this class as he has very deep and global experience in enterprise architecture analysis (business process analysis on the enterprise scale), enterprise process modelling, automation and more for GM, Microsoft and Nike for requirements management alongside project management.

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