PMP(R) Retraining Loyalty - Scoll down to see all options.
Read information below

PMP(R) Retraining Loyalty - Scoll down to see all options. <br>Read information below
About the Budget Training: This is a temporary transition class designed for people who took exam training or retraining for the PMP exam starting 3-26-2018 who still need to take the new PMP exam starting 7-1-2020.This SmartPath LLC loyalty site offers two loyalty price points for its trainees retaking training once their re-sitting period has expired. One price point is $750 and one is $846. Please scroll down to see these options.

About the PMP Exam changing again on 7-1-2020: We are currently training for the V6 PMP Exam which started on 3/26/18. You have until June 30-2020 to take the current V6 exam.

What happens if you took V6 training and you want to transition to the new PMP exam? You can find the new exam outline on the Project Management Institute's website. If you take the current V6 training, but you aren't or weren't able to take the current V6 exam on or by 6/30/2020, and you still have free re-sitting available to you on or after 7/1/2020, you may re-sit the new exam class at no cost to you by emailing Nereda Haque, PMP; however, new materials are not provided. Materials will be available for purchase at $99, the link will be available later soon. New PMP exam materials will not be available to ship until late April 2020.

If your re-sitting has expired, you will be able to resit one time for $399 and you will receive materials, and 30 days of free quiz practice starting on day 3 of class. Other links will appear here later.

What if you took PMP exam training at SmartPath LLC prior to the PMP Exam that started 3/26/2018?"

Answer: You can update to the current exam by doing option 2 or the Do it Again class, and still take advantage of the budget loyalty class (if needed).
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