Project Management PMP(R) Training through Process Driven Sequencing

Project Management PMP(R) Training through Process Driven Sequencing
Project Management PMP(R) Training & Process Driven Sequencing

Article by Mo Haque, PMP, MSEE, MSEE - updated 1-2-2021

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See the Workflow Descriptions.

These workflows are provided to our trainees for the the PMP(R) exam prep training as supplement material in a digital format. The visibility Project Managers need to successfully pass the PMP exam is the same visibility they need to implement their projects. Project Managers may also order the workflows to update their knowledge and project workflow management. There are three purchase options on this page:
1. double-sided print.
2. single sided print.
3. Workflow 6 - 50 inches x 32 inches.
These URLs are for those who would like a printed copy. The purchase of workflows include 15 minutes of instructor input on how to use them, along with 15 PDUs. You may also take a Project Mgmt Implementation class that's just one day to update your knowledge.

Please call or text Nereda Haque, PMPwith your questions at 360-584-8614 or email her. one day (seven hour) project management implementation class to update your project management knowledge.

Please call or text Nereda Haque, PMPwith your questions at 360-584-8614 or email her.

Learn a method that was developed through many years of experience and and by helping thousands of project managers get their PMP® certification.

1. Learn through process-driven workflows where you will see the processes by knowledge area. As you go through the PMP(R) class training you will be constantly directed to one of the 15 workflows that also shows inputs and outputs.

2. This visual method of seeing a project from start to finish will also show you activities that need to be done. You will understand what needs to be done now, which ones you can come back to later and the precedent and dependent activities.

3. Areas to concentrate on as you study for the test will be pointed out. Descriptions that need to be memorized will be identified. The network diagrams, and math that you need to know will be carefully explained. You will also become acquainted with project management ethics, although these questions are very minimal now.

4. You will have your questions answered.

5, You will also learn from the experiences of your instructor.

6. Having an instructor who has had a lot of experience in many environments and industries is a big plus. This is a way for you to gain tacit knowledge.

I developed this method of learning, first for myself, because as a project manager, I needed to keep the project visibility in front of me, and the orderly carrying out of processes and activities before me, so no activity was missed and my projects would be delivered on time and within budget.

You cannot miss a process or an activity with this method. You can track yourself, your processes and your activities. What I made for myself, I am sharing with you in my project management training course so you can become efficient in your field, and so you can understand all of project management thoroughly.

Note: These Workflows are part of the training materials of SmartPath LLC's PMP Certification Training with Exam Prep. Our trainees like to keep these workflows updated as the PMBOK® Guide Versions process. Mo Haque has been creating these Versions since PMBOK Guide, First Edition.

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