PMP(R) Certification with Prep, <br>Loyalty Option 2 -100% Live Online<br>4-Days or Two Weekends<br>For SmartPath LLC PMP Trainees,<br>Who Still Need to Take The Exam.<br>The PMP Exam is not included

PMP(R) Certification with Prep,
Loyalty Option 2 -100% Live Online
4-Days or Two Weekends
For SmartPath LLC PMP Trainees,
Who Still Need to Take The Exam.
The PMP Exam is not included

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PMP(R) Certification Prep, 100% Live Online Retraining: 4-Day Training for Former SmartPath LLC's 4 to 5 day PMP Exam Prep trainees from any year because you still need to take the PMP Exam. PT means Pacific Time, and ET means Eastern Time. PT is 3 hours behind ET. View PMP(R) Exam Requirements.

For questions: Call email her Nereda Haque, PMP at 360-584-8614 or send email to

This training is for the PMP exam that started on 1/2/2021.

We answer all your questions while you are preparing by text, email or scheduled phone calls.

SmartPath LLC Badge: Verify SmartPath LLC is a PMI(R) Authorized Training Partner, #3441.

PMI(R) Authorized Instructor: Mo Haque, MSEE, MSEE, PMP, PMI-PBA, PMI-ACP, CMfgT, EDMP. Mo is a very seasoned and highly experienced instructor. He is easy to understand. He will provide clear answers to all of your questions. Verify Mos Experience. Verify all Mos badges.

What this class offers and does not offer:
1. The PMP exam is not included in the training price.
2. This class provides you 90 days to re-sit this retraining for free for up to two times or until PMI changes their exam materials, whichever is first. Free re-sitting is contingent on someone else purchasing the training. This class does not offer a third exam payment pass guarantee. If you want to re-sit for up to 12 months or until PMI changes the PMP Exam materials, whichever is first, then you should purchase the other retraining option which is priced at $946.
3. Provides 4 days / 35 hours of training
4. Provides class materials on these terms: The PMI material is purchased for you through Logical Operations, a PMI distribution partner. It is printed by them before they arrange shipping. Class materials include the PMI(R) Authorized PMP(R) Exam Prep book in both digital and print, as well as SmartPath LLC's supplemental content for exam and work visibility in digital format (provided during class) including 15 workflows, each 11" x 17" for your personal use at home and at work. PMI assigns their print/digital to you only and reassignment is not allowed. PMI does not refund on print or digital so we can't either. PMI digital is assigned for 12 months when you log into their link. Purchase your training 10 business days ahead of the class so your material - print/digital will reaches you on time. Check with us to see if there's a surcharge for tax and shipping over $22 if you don't live in the 48 lower US states, because it is is extra we will need to pass it on to you, and will provide another link for your payment.
5. The new PMP Exam is focused on traditional and agile/hybrid- in 3 domains of People - 42%, Processes - 50%, Business environment - 8%.

Do not purchase this training if you did not take a prior 4-day PMP Boot Camp at or by SmartPath LLC: If you purchase this class, and you're not a former SmartPath LLC 4-day PMP Certification trainee we will cancel your order. If you changed your name since training, please provide your previous name so we can recognize you. Thanks so much.