PMP(R) Certification could help your Career

PMP(R) Certification could help your Career
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PMP Certification Credential could help your Career

by Nereda Haque, PMP

One side benefit of studying for your PMP certification is that you will feel confident that you know the processes, process groups, knowledge areas, PM roles, tools & techniques and inputs & outputs so well that you will be able to

■ think quickly on your feet

■ be more decisive

■ provide better reports to your boss

■ learn leadership skills

■ acquire business acumen, and learn the importance of urgency

■ maintain more effective project management documents, plans and baselines

■: be able to determine what project management methodology you will use. Understand when it would be better to use Agile or where you could have an Agile hybrid.

■ be able to estimate more accurately and calculate all EVM at a moment’s notice

■ be able to create network diagrams, identify critical paths, add buffers, do resource leveling and schedule compression, and more

■ lead your teams more effectively

■ and the financial benefit is that you could earn more.

Of course this is a short list, and you can probably think of a lot more reasons to get your PMP credential. Today, it is perhaps just keeping your job. Or if you are unemployed, it will definitely help put your name at the top of a stack of resumes.

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