PMP® Certification Exam Questions – What is the best way to answer them?

Project Management Training for the PMP® Certification Exam. PMP Exam Questions – What is the best way to answer them?

Updated 2/2/16 By Nereda Haque, PMP

PMI® PMP Exam questions are from the 5 process groups and the associated knowledge, PM roles, as well as a few from ethic questions scattered throughout, definitions and associated skills.

These questions can come in many forms and there are a variety of them on various websites. Today, you can have a combination of straight forward and lots of situational questions including "what happens next or now?" or similar "next" questions as well as fuzzy questions. As a project manager you need to understand what you should do in any situation, otherwise you won't be able to answer these questions. So you also need to understand that after I have finished "x," now I have to do "y." You will be put under psychometric measure as the exam measures the PM's behavior when you answer the questions.

You might think that all you would have to do is memorize hundreds of answers to questions to pass the PMI® exam. If you cram, you might think you will do okay. However, it is unlikely that you can do well through memorization, although you would be at an advantage to memorize a few things. That’s why at SmartPath LLC we want you to understand project management, not cram it. If you cram it, unless you have the same scenario or a similar scenario you cannot answer it in the PMP Exam, because you can't pull it out of your memory bank. At SmartPath LLC we have workflows that help you visualize project management. You can see where "things" come from and where they go. This will help you answer the PMI® PMP Exam questions, as well as provide you a strong handle of the “how to” of project management. We also teach the 8 roles dependent processes as well as the 47 Process Group processes in sequential order, so you will know what happens next based on the current dynamic. We also have a PMP Online Quiz Subscription that you practice outside of the classroom that will help you continually deepen your understanding in all areas.

The best way to answer the PMP/CAPM exam questions is

(a) Determine what process group you are in

(b) Then ask yourself what knowledge area or role, or role dependent process this question is from or is it talking about any of the OTTIs (Outputs, Tools & Tecniques or Inputs), or perhaps it is referring to an application of a PMs role (there are 44 roles (including role dependent processes) and many questions come from these, and occasionally you will have an ethical issue question. Or is it a general project management question or definition-related or skill related question or some questions from general project management knowledge.

(c) Are there any "except," "not," double negatives words etc so you have the full meaning? These can still come in the PMP Exam at times, although rarer than they use to be. Most of the questions are straight up with other tricks, such as telling you that you are in executing, then the questions starts talking about what you should have paid attention to (perhaps from initiating or planning) so it contains a context change within the question.

(f) The ethics questions are mostly mixed within the process group areas – so that may trick you also, as they will likely give some project scenarios to ask you what you would do. As a project manager, you need to understand how to answer according to ethical conduct.

(g) Don't take the PMP Exam before you understand what you need to know and do in order to pass: Understand everything about the processes (there are 55 in the 5 process groups, and 8 role dependent processes. SmartPath LLC will teach you easy ways to accomplish this in our Cert/Prep. Keep the SmartPath LLC Roadmap to PMP Certification Success clearly in front of you. Click here to see it again.

Do you understand the Process Groups and the function of each one? Do you understand the Integration layer? Etc.

We have other suggestions we share with you at SmartPath LLC in order to help you pass the PMP/CAPM exam. The PMI exam is not considered to be an easy exam. That’s why you need to learn from a Pros such as Experts like SmartPath LLC. You need the Smart Path and the Smart Roadmap to learn the Smart Way! SmartPath LLC's instructors have years of project management experience, and they all go through very rigorous training. We can help you. We also answer any questions by email or phone calls. Mo Haque, PMP and Nereda Haque, PMP are your coaches to answer your questions. Use them. Let our team help you accomplish your mission to pass the PMP Exam! Your passing is our Mission!

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