PMP(R) Exam Certification Learning After Class for SmartPath LLC Trainees

Project Management Training, PMP® Certification Courses. How to Study Once the PMP Class is Over and if You're Taking the Exam with 15 to 30 days.

Updated 2/2/16 by Nereda Haque, PMP

After class is over read these two sections in the back of your book which you covered in class. See the Pass Guarantee Compliance when it comes to the Exam and quiz practice if you want to keep your third exam payment guarantee.

(1) How to Study for the PMP Exam. Organize your memory joggers, crucial areas of concentration, exercises etc
(2) Then as you study use your checklist of what you must know in order to pass the PMP Exam and check off what you know so far.
(3) Pay Attention to all Day 4 Review areas.
(4) Finish all Online Quiz Practice A to L and redo Quizzes A, B, C, H, I, L, and J, within 5 days of taking the exam or if your time is short do quizzes A, H, I, L, and J, if you are short of time and D if your Math is weak.

Make sure your study includes the following:

(1) Understand what processes fall in what Process Group and Knowledge area - be able to pick them out
(2) Memorize formulas on the Knowledge Area Workflows or from the back of pmWorkbook, Know Cost Benefit analysis formulas, communication channels, Pert, 3 Point Estimating, EVM. Don't forget Risk and Procurement calculations and procurement Math. Finish Quiz D that includes all Math including network diagrams, control charts, S curves and other analysis
(3) Know all your tools and techniques off the Knowledge area workflows – they line up with the orange boxes which contains process names or Workflows 14,15
(4) Learn the roles/tasks of the project managers off the Workflow 11
(5) Learn your process sequencing, Workflow # 13. This will also help you get your output sequence because you understand the output of the process. Learn the first 9 sequences, understand what happens before each of the kick off meeting and important process workflow (see your prep exercise solutions)
(6) Do the 7 Iteration Exercises, Keyword, Connectivity and Connection Exercises
(7) What to do with the Exam Practice Questions where you did not understand it fully - Skip through the questions using reasoning, logic and cognitive thinking. See the analytics for each of these questions and understand why it is the best answer is the best answer. What was the keyword, process group, process group or what is the subject matter - is it role related, output related, input related, process, process group, tools & techniques related? Can you identify the context of the question if it is a situational question?
(8) Re-read how to answer the more difficult situational questions and how to answer the "What will you do next?" or "What you will do now?" questions." Don't skip over practicing these because you can get a lot of these in the PMP Exam or an Exam made up mostly of these. (Quiz J questions.)
(9) Take advantage of the Free PMP Online Quiz Subscription. You can create speed through simulated practice. You can also increase your understanding and accuracy by getting acquainted with different situational contexts. This is the best way to develop speed. You can renew them for a small fee if you need too or plan to take the PMP Exam within 30 days as well as plan to finish them all.
(9) Follow all of your guidelines.

If you are taking the CAPM Exam, skip the roles.

If you are sitting the PMP Exam within a few days of class, you can ask for your materials & quizzes early: Then you need to prepare for the PMP Exam Boot Camp style. Exclude all other activities from your life. Study late every night and every moment you have. Roll up your sleeves and acquire the knowledge each day during class and go over what you have learned every day. Do all of your exercises - Concept, 7 Iterations (starting on day one for what you learned that day), Connectivity, Keyword exercises. Minimally do these Quizzes online: Quiz A, B, C, D, H, I, L, J, K. If you are studying weekends, make the most of the spare time you have between the first and last weekends. Every day study only those knowledge areas you studied in class. Keep up daily. You should spend your lunch hours looking at some of the materials while you are relaxing. Assess how you are doing half way through your class - if you have not getting in the high 70's for the Online Quizzes, then reschedule your exam. Your success will be equal to your effort. Don't forget OTTIs - you cannot pass without understanding those.

Note: To conform to the pass guarantee compliance you must take your PMP Exam and all quiz practice (A to L) within 30 days after class, and if you fail you need to redo A to L again before your second PMP Exam if you want SmartPath LLC to pay for your third exam. You must ask for your exam payment within 12 months of your PMP eligibility dates awarded by PMI, and your exam can't cost more than $375.

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