Can Every One Pass the PMP® Exam? You can if you must; You will if you want, but you can't if you won't.

Can Everyone Pass the PMP® Exam?
by Nereda Haque, PMP

Most people who receive PMP® Exam approval could pass the PMP Exam. If you have led and directed projects, you should be able to do this exam. If is often comes down to one's ability to preserve, even if it means confronting some failures.

You can if you must. You will if you want, but you can't if you won't. Think about this for a minute.

There are three kinds of people. Not Motivated, Motivated and Very Motivated. If you are in the last two categories it is extremely possible that you will pass. If you really must pass, you will. Why is this?

(1) You can't if you won't. People who fall into this category don't want to do what it takes to pass. They start complaining about how hard it is the first day of class; how much work it will take them. They complain about having no extra time to study. They don't want to follow directions. They have selected hearing. They don't study and they won't practice. Or they give their study a halfhearted effort. They don't do their homework. Since this is one of the most difficult exams that anyone can take, unless energetic effort is applied, success is grim. And usually they are very distracted in the classroom - even though the classroom is small. They are full of excuses, life constantly gets in their way, and they can't seem to manager their time.

(2) You will if you want. This person is motivated. They are positive. They enjoy the workflows and the learning materials. They dynamically participate in the classroom. They do their homework. They see how they can be more effective at work and they are excited. They will most likely hear and read in class, what it takes to pass, and will most likely pass the first time. They will also practice all of the PMP Online quizzes and review those that they have in their book (also online. And they will apply reasoning, logic and cognitive thinking while studying and practicing.

(3) You will if you must. This person is very motivated and focused. If they don't pass, they will lose their job, miss out on a large bonus, will not get promoted, or they need a job, etc. We have never seen any of these people fail yet. They do what takes. They study after class. We see them studying in the lunch hour. They will give up their evenings and weekends to make it happen. They stay up late at night. Even if they are working 7 days a week, they will get it done. They might sit in class 2 or 3 times or they may only do it once, (resitting is free for up to six months for all new trainees), and they take advantage of every possible learning opportunity. They will pass because they MUST. Having, no time to study doesn't matter, as they make the time to practice and learn! If this person has difficulty analyzing; if they have difficulty with exam questions; even if they have already failed twice before taking our class they will not give up. They will put in the effort to pass. It is amazing to watch and coach them. And it's amazing to see how powerful they become, and how much their analytical skills improved.

The question to you is: Will you do what it takes? Not can you pass? But do you "WANT" to pass? How MUCH do you want to pass? For you will if you MUST!

Join our training and see why people just like you pass the PMP Exam. You can make it happen!

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