Project Management for Credentialed Project Manager Professionals Only, 100% Live Online

Project Management for Credentialed Project Manager Professionals Only, 100% Live Online
We now offer this PDU class with the PMP Certification retraining. Any PMP(R) certified person can take this Class for PDU training. Many of our PMs prefer to update new PMP(R) knowledge doing this training.

This class is not available as a separate item from PMP Certification at this time.

PMP credential maintenance class, 100% Live Online, 26.26 PDUs. This 3-day training provides 26.25 PDUs to update your project management's overall knowledge and skills. You will learn all the dynamic changes across the industry that are reflected in the Version 6 exam, which comprise the knowledge and skills all project managers need. You will take this training during the first 3 days of a PMP class. Most PMs are electing the full PMP training in order to receive 35 PDUs. PMs also love our Exercise Book, due to visibility of risks that may arise in the process, change management, and issue that may arise. They loved it also because this book helped elevate their skills. If you'd like to take all of the 4 days of the training then see the next paragraph. Either way, you will receive all of the materials of the PMP class. The last day of training has proven to be valuable for project managers who want to understand the backward process pass impact on their project as it relates to what can go wrong. If you prefer just the 3 days of training, the contact Nereda Haque, PMP at 360-584-8614 by text or phone or send an email to her at the bottom of the home page of this website. Any credentialed PMP can take our 4 days of PMP certification training for us $846.

This class is for credentialed project manager professionals only - PMP® credential holders as it is highly discounted. If you have other PMI credentials, as well as the PMP you can also see how the PDUs are distributed. You can also take a full PMP training if you prefer. This class is the first 3 days of a 4-day PMP Certification class. PDU hours are: 26.25. Our prior trainees tell us that they find the whole 4 days helpful.

See PDU Details Below if you are updating your PMI certifications. SmartPath LLC is PMI Registered Education Provider* (R.E.P.), # 3441.

Updating your project management knowledge: Receive all 16 Workflows printed on a shiny durable paper, class materials, pmWorkbook, and pmWorkbook Exercises (all PMPs loved the solutions and felt they can use them in their project management work – all materials are a great resource to guide your project management practice. You will do the first 3 days of our 4 Day PMP Certification Class. And receive 26.25 PDUs and the best project management training you can get anywhere.

There is a lot of new information you should know in the new PMBOK® Guide, 6th Edition, which this class is aligned to. Project management is changing rapidly at an accelerated rate and project managers are expected to keep up. Project alignment to business goals and objectives, Performing Benefits Analysis and managing business value in order to achieve benefits realization for all stakeholders are key areas of project management. In today's world, PMs often work with Agile PMs who often have a PMP, PMI-ACP and even a PMI-PBA certification so they add more flexibility to business needs.

Put yourself into the stream of information that you deserve, and join one of our training sessions.

Essentials:45 Roles of the Project Manager (9 of them are role dependent processes) so there's 49 processes plus 9 role dependent processes to learn, many skills important to project management.

What You Will Receive:
• 26.26 hours of Version 6 project management training
• pmWorkbook & Exercise Book which are your class materials
• 16 colorful Workflows on 8 pages of Gloss Cover, durable paper which are 11" x 17" in color, a fantastic resource for managing your projects.
• Great instruction that will improve your skillset
• Instruction is comprised of sequential learning that is process-driven sequential rom project start project close for project visibility.

What you won't receive
• PMP Online Quiz Subscription as you will not need it
• Ability to resit - you will not need it as you are not taking the PMP Exam

(1) SmartPath LLC's Complete Project Management Training Materials are a great resource for your project management and contains information on:

  A. pmWorkbook, V6 - aligned fully to the PMBOK® Guide (The Project Management Body of Knowledge®), Version 6, and industry best practices at large: Summary of what you receive in pmWorkbook:
     a. pmWorkbook's slides cover all of the concepts, OTTIs (Outputs, Tools & Techniques and Inputs)+ the Roles of the project manager in each process group and or for individual processes
     b. Sequential flow of the processes for their first iteration from start to finish
     c. What Can Go Wrong within the Processes - a great resource for managing projects
     d. Synonyms EVM
     e. Formulas are in the appropriate knowledge areas including standard deviation calculations and control chart examples.
     f. pmWorkbook also covers current general project management information reflecting changes, such as strategic alignment, situational and organizational awareness and environment, leadership, project team, project management team, PMO, influences, types of projects, other skills, types of organizations, and much more, followed by 1 to 58 processes – 9 of the role dependent processes, and they are in addition to the 49 processes that fall within the process groups
     g. pmWorkbook also contains, definitions for easy look up, acronyms that you may need to know, a table of contents, index and appendices.
     h. Formulas and Industry Jargon, how to understand the workflows
     i. How to understand the workflows

  B. Exercise Book: This book provides 8 visible associated components of the processes; important knowledge PMs should know, and a list of tools & techniques, and where you would use and update registers and logs.

  C. pmWorkflow™ Package: This package consists of 16, 11 x 17 inch workflows, printed on double sided, durable paper, and in color. These Workflows provide Project management visibility by Knowledge Area (KA), PM Roles, Process Sequences, Process Groups. A brief description:
     a. Workflows 1 to 10: show the KA process, all inputs and outputs; and they also show associated roles, and tools and technique in their own swim lanes.
     b. Workflows 1 to 10 provide connection visibility so you can see the process outputs and where the outputs also input other processes
     c. Workflow 1 to 10: Formulas for Business Case, EVM, Pert etc. on the appropriate workflows are provided in the swimlane for tools & techniques
     d. Workflow 11 depicts the roles and responsibilities of the PM associated to the process and / or process group
     e. Workflow 12 is the Process Group Workflow, and it depicts all 58 processes (49 + 9) by Process Groups, depicting the Knowledge areas and the processes within them
     f. Workflow 13 depicts the sequences for all 58 processes (47 + 9 role dependent processes
     g. Workflow 14,15 depict the OTTIS matrix.      h. Workflow 16 depicts Operations and Project Environment

Class choices: Weekends, Week days, and some Thursday to Saturdays

Current Class # : TRPMV6; 7-1-2020 PMP training starts May 2 - 2020

PDU Details : T = Technical for the certification; L = Leadership; S = Strategic. For TLS breakdown:

PMP/PgMP PDUs: T/L/S: 16.25/5/5
ACP PDUs: T/L/S: 0/5/5
PfMP PDUs: T/L/S: 16.25/5/5
PBA PDUs: T/L/S: 16.25/5/5