PMP® Weekends Training so you Don't lose money by not working weekdays

PMP Weekends Training so you don't lose money by not working weekdays. PMP DC; or PMP Bellevue, WA ; or PMP Live Online

Most training companies who are our competitors don't give you a Weekend training option. They only conduct training on weekdays. Depending on your earning you might be losing $2,000 thousand dollars per week if you're not giving up some vacation time.

In today's world most professionals need to take responsibility to provide their employers the skillsets they require. Many employers don't pay anything for the PMP Training. Some employers believe because when you become certified and they don't give you a raise or a new position that they will lose you because you might get a better paying job as soon as you are certified. This is your option. Some companies will reimburse for a portion of the training in an effort to keep your loyalty. A few may pay for 100% of the training if you pass the exam or they have a training budget that you can use per year, or they may reimburse a portion if you pass the PMP Exam. Some will pay for training but not the exam. We have come to know that companies feel that if you may for the Exam you will likely make an effort to properly prepare for it.

PMP Weekend Certification Training is offered in Bellevue-Seattle WA and Washington DC, as well as 100% Live Online using your computer. 4 day Boot Camps and 5 Week days (sometimes in WA) are also offered providing you the 35 hours of project management training that the Project Management Institute (PMI) requires for PMP Exam Approval.

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There's no need to lose money by taking a week day class. Your employer won't pay for you? No problem. Get your training on the weekends, earn your PMP credential and get a better employer? Or perhaps they'll give you a raise.

In our world, if we don't look after ourselves, no one else is going to do it. SmartPath LLC offers weekend training so it's affordable and within your budget. Dedicated project managements are willing to work on the weekends to help you succeed.