From PMP(R) Prep To Taking The PMP Exam - Start to Finish Processes

From PMP(R) Prep To Taking The PMP Exam - Start to Finish Processes
Project Management Professional PMP® Certification Training with Prep - Start to Finish Processes - updated 10-27-2020 See 4-day or Two Weekend PMP® Certification with Exam Prep schedules and purchase URL..

For the PMP exam that started 4-2-2024.

(1) Review your project management experience. Do you have enough hours and months? Talk to us about this if you have doubts.

(2) Assess whether you need to take a prerequisite training if you have little or no formal project management experience.

(3) If you have enough experience, purchase your class allow up to 10 days for your digital materials. We no longer provide printed materials. Save the digital material to your computer.

(4) Let us know once you receive both your print and digital material of the PMI(R) Authorized PMP(R) Exam Prep book.

(5) Submit Your Experience After Day Two During Class: You do not need membership in order to submit your experience. It costs nothing to get PMP Exam acceptance. We will provide you guidelines and a checklist to help you with your application. If you already have a CAPM credential, you can use that credential for your 35 hours for exam approval. Expect a 5 day turn around approximately, during business days for exam acceptance. You will be provided 12 months of eligibility dates in which period you need to take the PMP exam or you will be selected for audit. If you are selected for order, follow PMI's instructions to exit audit. It typically takes about 10 days to exit audit once PMI has the requested information.

(5) We provide 6 months free for Online Quiz Practice on the 3rd or 4th day of class.

(6) Pay the Project Management Institute for the PMP Exam as soon as you are approved to take the Exam. If you are a Government employee whose organization paid us your exam fee, then call Nereda Haque, PMP at 350-584-8614 so she can pay for your exam, which is paid over a conference call. Your exam links can be found in your PMI dashboard.

(7) Take your PMP Exam after following all guidelines.

(8) Report your Exam results to SmartPath LLC.


Other Information

A. How SmartPath LLC Helps You Visualize & Learn: SmartPath LLC's materials will provide project management visibility so your work can drive project success, and so you can pass the PMP exam.

B. Roadmap: See our roadmap for more information. Use this roadmap to create the visual view of what you must to in order to pass.

C. Practice Exam Questions: You can expect more than 1,000 Questions

D. Apply for PMI Membership if you wish to after you have PMP Exam acceptance: See PMI for current member fees. It is very easy to maintain your credential and submit your experience once you are a member. For example, if you pay for your PMP Exam before you become a member, the Exam will cost you $595. If you become a member first, the Exam is $425. If you have to take the exam again, then the second and third exams are $275 each instead of $375 each. Exam fees can change at any time. The last time we had an exam change was recently. Membership, last I checked is now $149 plus a $10 first time application fee.

E. How Quickly should you take the Exam if you are already Exam approved: People typically take it within 10 days to 6 weeks, depending on their experience and whether or not they have formal project management experience. Lower learners typically take up to 3 months.

F. Use SmartPath LLC Guidelines to prepare for the Exam: These are (a) Checklists of what you must know to pass the PMP Exam & (b) How to Study for the PMP Exam.

G. Take the PMP Exam – 4 hours – 200 questions – 25 questions are market questions and they don’t count but they don’t tell you which ones don't count. These 25 questions may be totally foreign to you as they are used for statistical purposes. Your exam success is based on the level of difficulty you are able to achieve by answering enough correctly. Each question is worth one point.

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