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PMP(R) Certification Training with Exam Prep, Washington DC, 4 Day Boot Camps - Weekdays or Weekends, 100% Personally Led by Expert Instructors - Guaranteed2Run at the time of purchase

PMP(R) Certification Training with Exam Prep,  Washington DC,  4 Day Boot Camps - Weekdays or Weekends, 100% Personally Led by Expert Instructors -  Guaranteed2Run at the time of purchase
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2018 to 2019 PMP Certification Training with Exam Prep, Washington, DC location at 1050 Connecticut Ave NW, Cross Streets are L and Connecticut NW. This is 100% Live Training by an expert, traditional class room style. Class Times: All training is from 8:00 AM to 6:15 PM unless otherwise stated. Class Details: Training is 35 live instructor-led class hours. Extra time is allowed for breaks. The first and second PMP Exams are not included; however, a 3rd exam may be included based on 4 compliance activities. Ask for the PMP flyer which summarizes the 4 compliance activities. About PMP Class Materials: V6 materials include pmWorkbook, pmWorkbook Exercise book, Workflows, printed on both sides on 8 pages of highly durable glossy paper, and in full color. The training also includes: a free 30-day online quiz practice subscription that starts on day 3 with over 2200 questions to practice, and class materials, which are provided in the classroom on the first day of training. Register by paying for class at least 2 to 3 weeks or more in advance of training if possible. Email us with your name, address, and mobile number to register in advance if you are awaiting organizational approval. Classes are guaranteed to run at the time of purchase. There is never a charge to reschedule your class. If the class is still showing with available seats, then it is available for purchase. Click on the class link for all details. To purchase, click on the down arrow in the menu then click on the dates you want, then click on the green 'add to cart' button. Click on the down arrow to see all seats, then click on the date you want, enter 1 for quantity if you are using a mobile device only, then press the green 'add to cart' button. Sometimes people change their class dates and seats become available so email us if you want to be on the waiting list for a class. Seats can become available. You may purchase any class in the menu. You may call Nereda Haque, PMP: 360-584-8614 or email her at neredahaque@smartpathllc.com : 


PMP(R) Certification Training with Exam Prep,  Washington DC,  4 Day Boot Camps - Weekdays or Weekends, 100% Personally Led by Expert Instructors -  Guaranteed2Run at the time of purchase
PMP Certification with Prep in Washington, DC Weekday or Weekend classes and sometimes a weekend/weekday combination: Classes are close to Maryland and Virginia and Farragut North Metro is in the building and Blue line, Orange line and Silver line are close by. Or, are you looking for Live Video Conference Training which is $1,395 in ET or PT?

SmartPath LLC is a PMI® Global Registered Education Provider*, (R.E.P.) #3441. All PMP classes are 100% Live and personally led by the Instructor. Our next training is for the PMP V6 exam which starts on 3/26/18.

Class Description: Whether you are taking the current exam or the new PMP Exam, this class provides 35 hours for exam approval and the prep you need to pass, which consists of 4 days of instruction, pmWorkbook, pmWorkbook Exercises' book, 16 colorful workflows printed both sides on heavy paper providing project visibility, and a free 30-day Online Quiz Practice Subscription to increase your knowledge, experience and cognitive skills.

All classes are Guaranteed2Run at the time of purchase and there are no rescheduling fees. Take the current exam while there's still time. There's less to learn and you can put the Exam behind you.

Audience: Project Managers, Program Managers, IT Managers or Developers, Business Managers, Business Analysts, Operation Managers, Engineers, Architects, CEOs, MBAs, Event Planners, Educators, CFOs, HR Managers, Quality and Risk Managers, Marketing & Advertising Managers - anyone who has been doing projects even if you are unaware you've been managing projects, even if you are the only person on you team, etc. You don't need a project manager or program manager title in order to claim project management experience. What are examples of projects?

To purchase, click on the dates you want, then click on "add to cart" or call 360-584-8614 or 1-855-SMART-50.

Location: SmartPath LLC: 1050 Connecticut Ave NW, Floor 5, Suite 500, (Corner of L Street) Washington, DC. In the Washington Square Building. Parking for the building is on 18th Street. DC Parking and Redline Metro. Redline is in the building and across the street. Blueline (Farragut West), orangeline or silverline are 2 blocks away. They are short blocks.

Times & Days: 4 Day Training or two weekends; sometimes Thurs to Sunday: See the class menu. It's usually 8 AM to 6:15 Weekdays, and 8:15 AM to 6:30 Weekend days.

If you have questions, call Nereda Haque at 360-584-8614 to schedule your class, or email her at neredahaque@smartpathllc.com.

PMP Exam Training Dates are Clearly Marked in the Menu: All Training is for the V6 PMP Exam.

PMP Exam Application: Do you have questions about your experience? If you are already approved for the exam, then you can skip this paragraph and the next. You don't need a title of project manager in order to claim project experience. If you're considering our training, send your resume to neredahaque@smartpathllc.com if you want further understanding about your experience qualifications for the PMP Exam. We also guide your PMP application process in class, and review it for you before you submit it to the Project Management Institute.

PMP Exam Alignment: This training is aligned to the PMBOK® Guide (The Project Management Body of Knowledge®), 6th Edition, and it is also aligned to the PMP Exam Outline.

PMP Exam Fees: The first and second PMP Exams are not included; however, a 3rd exam may be included based on compliance activities. Ask for the PMP flyer which summarizes compliance activities or see the guarantee link below. See below for exam pricing.

Registering for Class: You may click on "add to cart" and follow the menus to purchase your training in order to join a class. You also may register in advance to reserve a seat by emailing Nereda Haque, PMP: neredahaque@smartpathllc.com if you are still awaiting your organization’s approval.

About PMP Class Materials: V6 materials will be different from V5.2 exam materials, and although much of the information is the same, the difference is huge. Workflows will be printed on double sided heavy paper showing 16 illustrations in full color.

Free Resitting: Up to 6 months from the first day of training via Live Video Conference. There may be some unsold seats available, but these are likely to be limited.

Take the exam within 10 to 30 days after training, making sure you have enough time to finish all the quiz practice (over 2,100 questions) or take it within your comfort zone. We highly recommend finishing all online quiz practice before taking the exam, for best risk mitigation.

Item Number/PDU/Number: TRPM23-E6

All Guarantees: Third exam guarantee (see compliance activities), free rescheduling, guaranteed-to-Run Classes (exception: acts of God), free resitting for up to six months. Also, if you take your first exam within 30 days and finish all PMP online quiz practice, you will also receive 2 more resitting opportunities in the last six months of your 12 months of exam approval.

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Smart Benefits besides the 35 hours for exam approval and the Prep you need to pass:
Free unlimited resitting up to six months if you need it.
We provide all the information you need to know in order to pass
Free Online Quiz practice for 30 days starts on day 3 and allows use of your smartphone* or other device
Guaranteed to run training at the time of purchase or registration
Free rescheduling & Flexible Schedule if you need it
Get what you need to pass the Exam and improve your skillsets as well
Two coaches to answer your questions by phone, text or email
Small Classes with Expert Instructors & Fully Instructor led training & two coaches
Weekend Training options help you if your employer doesn't pay for your training. Weekday training also available
We pay for a third exam should you not pass the first two times, based on compliance activities. We pay for a third exam should you not pass the first two times, based on compliance activities. See guarantee details

See PDU Details Below if you are updating your certifications

How To Purchase the class: All class dates shown are available for purchase. To Register For this PMP Class, simply purchase the training. If the class is showing it is still available for you to join, although it may be necessary to register at least 3 - 6 weeks before the first day of class to get a seat. Onsite seats at SmartPath LLC in Washington DC are limited to 8 people. A few live online trainees or live online resitters may participate in the class. To guarantee your seat, don't wait! Classes are guaranteed-to-run at the time of purchase. If seating is becoming limited, we will post how many seats are left. To Register for Class, click on the down arrow, then the dates you want and click on the "Add to Cart" button above and join the class now! Payment will be required at the same time. You may use either a credit card, or debit card, PayPal or choose pay later using PayPal in the "add to cart" menu. If you prefer you may purchase over the phone by calling 360-584-8614 or 1-855-SMART50. If you are awaiting organizational approval let us know so we can reserve you a seat temporarily.

PMP Exam costs are extra: $405 for PMI® Members and $555 for non-members. 2nd and third exams are $275 / $375. You will pay the Project Management Institute for your exam once you are approved.

What you should know about this PMP Training: SmartPath LLC is also local to DC and is therefore able to offer more training opportunities. This PMP training is for PMP Exam Cert Preparation, and also fulfills the project management training requirements for PMP Exam approval. We understand that some people learn faster than others and provide opportunities for all to be successful. No prior training or prep is needed before you come to training. There's no need to take two types of training - Certification, then Prep. This PMP Class is fully instructor led, and is located in the Washington Square Building in DC's Golden Triangle. This PMP - Project Management Professional - Certification Training Course is geared so you can attain your PMP credential and at the same time improve your skillsets. You will learn the PMI project management knowledge and industry best practices so you can understand (no rote learning) the PMP Exam questions. Knowledge, understanding and practice are key to passing. PMI Certification is recognized worldwide. SmartPath LLC is local to Washington, DC, and headquartered in Bellevue, WA. Training is aligned to the PMBOK� Guide, 6th Edition, and industry best practices. See our testimonials. Take your Exam within 30 days to retain all Pass Guarantee benefits.

What You Will Receive
Pass Guarantee - See guarantee activity details. Summary: we pay for the third exam based on all mandatory activities such as completing all online quiz practice before each of the first two exams, and taking the first exam within 30 days, etc. The third payment needs to be paid within your 12 months of exam approval. You will need to track your own compliance. Rescheduling is free, unlimited resitting for up to six months, and the class is Guaranteed to run at the time of purchase.
Help with your PMP Application and review before submission
Free unlimited resitting even if you haven't taken the PMP Exam - for up to six months - onsite based on seat availability or Live Online (using your computer or tablet),
35 hours for Exam approval, includes all materials with Prep exercises, 16 workflows printed on durable paper, and 205 practice questions with analytics in your Exercise book.
Free Online Quiz practice for up to 30 days (starts on day 3) for interactive learning - over 2100 questions, 205 of these are also in your materials. Use your smartphone or any device
Small snacks and coffee and tea are free

Click here for What SmartPath LLC's PMP Certification Provides You that Our Competitors Don't

For more information such as outline, what's in the materials, about the Quizzes, Roadmap, Very important Details, PMI requirements, etc, Click here. For class objectives, Click here.

PMP Exam Requirements
(1) Experience Requirements for the PMP Exam: to be accepted for the PMP Exam, you will need
        4500 hours of project management experience over 36 months with a four year degree / equivalent or greater or
        7500 hours over 60 months with high school diploma / equivalent, plus 35 hours of project management training.
(2) Training Requirements: We provide the 35 hours of formal project management training including the prep you need to pass the exam, review of your resume,(send it to us for review if you have doubts about your qualifications) help with your application. After the application is submitted to the project management institute, it takes 3 to 5 business days for exam approval.

The Class PDU number will be on your certificate, which is TRPM23-E6. For V5 it was TRPM21.

PDU Details - 35 PDUs : T = Technical for the certification; L = Leadership; S = Strategic. For TLS breakdown:

PMP/PgMP PDUs: T/L/S: 25/5/5
PMI-ACP PDUs: T/L/S: 0/5/5
PfMP PDUs: T/L/S: 25/5/5
PMI-PBA: PDUs: T/L/S: 15/5/5

Training Options
All PMP Boot Camps in DC, MI, WA classrooms or Live Online
DC PMP Boot Camps
Troy-MI PMP Boot Camps, near Detroit-MI
Bellevue-WA PMP Boot Camps, near Seattle WA
Virtual PMP Boot Camps, Live Video Conference
US Federal Government & Other US Government Boot Camp Options
SmartPath LLC Loyalty Retraining Boot Camps & Other Refreshers


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