Program and Projects Alignment

Program and Projects Alignment
A program is a group of related projects, and subsidiary programs that are managed together to obtain benefits that otherwise may not be available from managing them singularly. The projects and subsidiary programs under a program are known as components. The components of a program are related through common strategic goals and objectives to deliver benefits to an organization. See Program Management Certification classes.

Programs have a scope (work boundary) that encompasses the scopes of its components. Programs produce benefits to an organization by ensuring that the outputs and outcomes of the components are delivered in a holistic, coordinated and cohesive manner. Programs are managed in a manner so that they can accept and adapt to changes due to environmental factors, as necessary, to optimize the delivery of benefits as the program's components deliver outputs.

Programs are managed using high-level plans that track the interdependencies and progress of program components. Program plans are also used to guide planning at the component level. Programs are managed by program managers who ensure that program benefits are delivered as expected, by coordinating the activities of a program's components. Program managers monitor the progress of program components to ensure that the overall goals, schedules, budget, and benefits of the program will be met. A program's success is measured by the program's ability to deliver its intended benefits to an organization, and by the program's efficiency and effectiveness in delivering those benefits.

Program and component project managers work together to define viable strategies for pursuing program goals, thereby delivering program benefits. Program strategies and high-level program plans defined by program managers provide a basis for defining and authorizing component projects that will be planned, executed, and monitored by the project managers. Projects managed by project managers deliver outputs and outcomes that provide a basis for reconfirming or adapting the strategic direction being pursued by the program and its components. Together, program and project managers support the organization by enabling the delivery of benefits that the organization desires or requires.

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