PMP(R) Certification Exam Prep - What is Quality Control?

PMP(R) Certification Exam Prep - What is Quality Control?
Project Management Certification Training - What is Quality Control? Still current on 1/16.2021

by Mo Haque, MSEE, MSEE, PMP

Quality control is a process of inspecting a deliverable after it is complete. It means that the deliverable was assured quality measurements during its development. The quality measurements were planned during the quality planning process. So let’s ensure that your understanding of the quality control process is crystal clear – quality control is performed after a deliverable is complete. The quality control process is inspection-driven. This process is after the fact. It costs more to inspect. It would be better and cost effective if the work performed was based on quality measurements. Any quality issues discovered during the quality control process have to be fixed so the deliverable would be accepted by the end user (customer). Hence, if the work is not done right the first time, you will not conform to the quality measurements so you will have to pay for fixing the problem. The cost of fixing or correcting the work after the its completion is known as the cost of non-conformance.

The project deliverables are always input to the Control Quality Process. The quality control process will measure and check the deliverable based on the input of work performance information (WPI) provided by the 3-control processes inside the ring of fire. The three processes are control scope, control schedule and control cost. WPI carries the measured data of schedule and cost indicating the variations. It also presents the variations in scope. The approved changes from the CCB – Change Control Board is also fed to quality control. These approved changes are also measured and checked against the checklist for quality conformance. The quality control process also provides an output known as Quality Control Measurements – QCM. QCM contains the measured and checked data. QCM is sent back to the Quality Assurance process. Quality assurance is performed while the work is in progress. If quality control found non-conformance and the work has to be redone to correct the quality problems, then quality assurance uses the QCM data to ensure that the rework corrects the quality problems and the measurements are exactly what was planned during the “Plan Quality Management” process.

Plan Quality Management is the process that produces the quality measurements and the checklist based on some quality standards. These quality standards may be based on some industry best practices or could be some proprietary continuous quality improvement – CQI process.

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