Benefits of Taking SmartPath LLC's PMP® Training

Benefits of Taking SmartPath LLC's PMP® Training
The big benefits to you of PMP(R) Certification with Exam Prep Training: - updated 1-8-2021.

• Know-how you will never forget
• A better and easier way to learn and remember
• Understanding you can apply immediately
• Confidence in the process
• Efficiency leap for you and your company
• Equips you to move upward in your career
• Ability to answer exam questions
• Visible processes
• Our instructor led training has a 20 year success record
• Our process-driven workflow methods give start to close project management visibility
• You will cover all areas to prepare you for the exam. You will know what to memorize, what to analyze, and what to expect.
• 1,900 practice questions for the exam that started 1-8-2021
• Instructor led explanations for the PMP(R) exam practice questions throughout training, for some questions done in class. And explanations in the practice questions. And we answer all questions by text, email or schedule phone calls while you are preparing for your exam.
• All trainees may email their questions and receive coaching and mentoring via re-siting in class or through Live Online re-sitting for up to 12 months or until PMI changes their PMP Prep content.

What SmartPath LLC does for you that most other training companies will not do for you at No Extra Charge:

» Helps you visualize the processes from start to finish through workflows

» See re-sitting above. If you need to take your exam first in order to re-sit the training.

» Gives you an Exam Review Practice Exam as part of the training.

» Quiz practice helps you analyze situational, verbose and situational questions so you learn cognitive thinking, logic and reasoning skills

» Gives you PMP(R) Exam-focused supplemental material to the PMI(R) Authorized PMP(R) Exam Prep content that provide additional visibility for the exam and work.

» You can change your training schedule without charge, provided it is for the same training. Just send us an email.

All PMP Certification Options:
Options including Live Online & Government Live Online Pricing for individuals or groups

100% Live Online- fully instructor Led or
All Govt Training, including Federal Govt or
In Classroom Groups Washington DC or
In classroom Michigan Groups or
in classroom Washington State Groups or
See this page for SmartPath LLC retraining loyalty or shorter Prep options for any PMs