Benefits of Taking SmartPath LLC's PMP® Training

Benefits of Taking SmartPath LLC's PMP® Training
The big benefits to you:

• Know-how you will never forget
• A better and easier way to learn and remember
• Understanding you can apply immediately
• Confidence in the process
• Efficiency leap for you and your company
• Equips you to move upward in your career
• Ability to answer tricky questions
• Visible processes
• Our instructor led training has a 20 year success record
• Our process-driven workflow methods give start to close project management visibility
• You will cover all areas to prepare you for the exam. You will know what to memorize, what to analyze, and what to expect.
• Lots of exam practice questions - 692 in pmWorkbook and 1719 online including these - 2 practice exams includes in this number.
• Instructor led explanations for the PMP® exam practice questions throughout training

All trainees may email their questions and receive coaching and mentoring via re-siting in class or through Live Video Conference re-sitting for up to six months following their first day of training.

What SmartPath LLC does for you that most other training companies will not do for you at No Extra Charge:

» Helps you visualize the processes from start to finish through workflows

» Allows you to learn with us for up to 6 months from your initial training - on location, via Live Video Conference or through emails

» This allows you to repeat or have assistance with more difficult areas before taking the exam and/or receive answers to questions that became apparent to you after training. This is very helpful if you have gaps. (If you are a pro and study every day throughout class, you can take the Exam immediately.)

» Allows you to have more help if you did not pass for some reason (very rarely happens)

» Gives you an Exam Review Practice Exam as part of the training.

» Helps you identify areas that need to be shored up if it is determined you’re not ready for the PMP® Exam yet

» Helps you practice analyzing situational, verbose and tricky questions

» Gives you PMP® Exam focused proprietary materials that significantly increases your chances of passing the first time - (beware of overloading with so much “stuff” that you lose focus on what you must learn in order to pass)

» You don’t buy any books for the class - all learning materials are provided - bring a notebook and pen only!

» At our training centers, we allow you to attend another class to make up any classes you may have missed or if your schedule requires, you can change it, thus accommodating your needs. Off location, you may wait for another class in your area or join a class in another city or join Via Live Video Conference.

» Classes are smaller which makes for easier learning. This allows for interactive exchange and aids the learning processes.

All training is 100% Instructor-led regardless of your chosen method: 100% Live Online Cert with Exam Prep or Bellevue-Seattle or DC Onsite or Troy, MI Onsite or Government Prices. See See testimonials and Other PMP class details
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