PMP(R) Certification training by SmartPath LLC ? Vital decision makers

PMP(R) Certification training by SmartPath LLC ?   Vital decision makers
Why PMP(R) Certification Training with Exam Prep by SmartPath LLC? Final decision makers - Updated 1-29-2020. SmartPath LLC’s training provides knowledge, skills and tools to pass the PMP Exam. These same knowledge, skills and tools are also designed to drive project outcomes. Please note that the information on this page can only apply to the current PMP exam ending 6-30-2020.

(1) Weekends or Week days. Don't lose money by attending on weekdays if your company is not paying for you.

(2) How we help you pass

(3) What we give you

(4) How to pick a company - important information that you should know. Be a smart shopper.

(5) PMP Certification Training with Exam Prep Boot Camps provide 35 hours of training, and the entire training is the Prep you need to pass, It is now available mostly 100% Live Online, except for organizations who wish to have onsite training. Lots of companies are also offering it 100% Live Online to their people in order to be able to pick different dates on the menu and have most of their projects still on track!

You don't need any prior training as we help you with your application throughout class and you can submit it on the last day of training, after we review it for you. In the meantime, you start your online practice starting on day 3 of class. Come to class and get it right from the start. All training is personally delivered by a knowledgeable instructor.

(6) All classes are 100% live, instructor-led. We don't use videos.

(7) SmartPath LLC's materials are customized and exam focused so you don't need to gather information overload. And our materials will improve your skill sets too.

(8) This helps you pass faster. Practicing according to our instructions will improve your cognitive thinking, reasoning and logic.

(9) Online simulated and interactive quiz practice, starts on day 3 and is free for up to 30 days. This is something you do on your own after class as you may do the questions in your book during class. SmartPath LLC's customized materials are chocked full of exercises. There's about 205 questions for you to practice in your book, those are also online and are part of the over 2,200 online questions.

(10) All 100% Live Online training is guaranteed to run at the time of purchase, and this is your resitting schedule. Classes do have to go forward for you resit so check with us to see what's happening.

(11) See all of our guarantees. These have been updated for the PMP Exam ending 6-30-2020. Such as, trainees joining from December may re-sit the training for up to 6 months or until the last class purchased by someone else.

(12) If you are a slower learner, and the Pass Guarantee is not important to you, re-sit as many times as you need to before you take the exam or up to six months or until the last class purchased by someone else for the current exam, whichever is first.

(13) For a faster approach to the Exam take the PMP Exam within 15 to 30 days after do all quiz practice and prep exercises.

(14) We recommend finishing all exercises and completing the Online quizzes - all of them - in order to practice applying the concepts before taking the PMP Exam. Understanding when and why you use a tool and technique or document, or why you need an input or why you have to perform a PM role or task are all very important or what you would do next, or how to interpret fuzzy questions. We address all of these types of questions by providing you associated summaries and or workflows of information that will help you recognize the best answer.

(15) Get the clarity you need to pass this very analytical / situational / psychometric exam.

(16) See our testimonials. We really care about your success.

(17) See your Roadmap to Success. If you like all the details, you can get it from here.

(18) If you like all the details such as class outlines, information about the materials, etc you can get it from here

4-day Training:

100% Live Online PMP Cert using your computer: Details here

4-Day Training

Any U.S. Government Agencies – We can also schedule your private group training in WA, DC or MI or simply take it 100% Live Online using your computer. Federal Government Pricing Plus inc. Exam: Click here
Federal Government Pricing - No Exam: Click here
Other Government Agency Pricing: Click here
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