How SmartPath LLC's PMP(R) Services Help You Pass The PMP Exam

How SmartPath LLC's PMP(R) Services Help You Pass The PMP Exam
PMP(R)Certification - Why our PMP Services help you pass? - updated 8-15-18

The PMP Exam: There are many types of exam questions that you need to be ready for when you take the PMP Exam. You need to be prepared to choose your answers to the PMP Exam questions quickly as you only have 1 minute and 12 seconds to make that decision. You must finish your PMP exam within 4 hours . You may have an exam where as many as 70% to 100% of your questions may be verbose, fuzzy and short or seemingly ambiguous, and almost all of them can be situational. Our materials, sequential process learning, and proven methodology are unique.

SmartPath LLC is a PMI Global Registered Education Provider,* (R.E.P.), #3441.

We provide hundreds of classes per year, training thousands of people in various certifications. We have trained people from over a thousand different organizations over the past 11 years. Our Director of Education, Mo Haque, MSEE (Electronic& Electrical), PMP, PMI-ACP, PMI-PBA, CMfgT, EDMP, has global experience as a Program Manager, managing hundreds of project managers, Portfolio management, Enterprise Architecture Modeling and Systems & Business Process Analysis, and project management.

The V6 PMP Exam training is 100% live training and it is aligned to PMBOK® Guide, 6th Edition, and industry best practices, as well as the PMP Exam outline. Every participant, even those with a project management concentration from college, need to align their thinking to the PMI exam. Services are provided onsite in Washington DC, Troy-Detroit-MI, Bellevue (Seattle area), or Live Online. We localize our training so that we provide more training opportunities than any other organization in MI, DC and WA. Most of our trainees will pass the first time. We provide a third exam pass guarantee. This program keeps our costs down so we can offer competitive pricing, however, it still provides assistance to those who need it the most. The third exam payment is tied to 4 (four) specific compliance activities.

How our organization addresses your learning in the following ways:

(1) Sequential process learning (we are unique for this method) - start to finish project management in order of first process iterations so you understand the logical sequence
       a. What happens next
       b. What can go wrong in a process and what can go wrong if you skip a process
       c. Fuzzy questions
       d. Roles in sequence as roles are related to processes

(2) We use 16 Workflow printed on 8 pages of glossy paper, for process visibility
       a. Workflows 1 to 10 show processes by knowledge area. There are 10 knowledge areas along with all their inputs, outputs, and associated roles, tools & techniques
       b. The Roles workflow 11 associates every role with a process by process and or process group
       c. Process Group Workflow 12 - It depicts the knowledge area processes
       d. Sequential Workflow 13 - logical sequence flow of processes
       e. OTTIs Matrix (ITTOs), Workflows 14,15
       f. Operations & Project Environments

(3) SmartPath LLC has a well designed PMP Prep Exercise Book, and if you do the exercises they reinforce the learning and that are vital to passing. This book will even help faster PMP exam takers who want to learn off summarized information. They can do this by reviewing the Exercise 1 to 3 Solutions.
       a. Exercise 1 - help you with subject matter recognition
       c. Fundamental exercises will help you review expected areas that may show up often in the exam
       d. Tools & Techniques & Document Exercises. The document exercise is a logical presentation of when you might need to use specific documents.

(4) Besides 35 hours of Instructor Led training, you will receive
       a. A roadmap of what you must learn and practice in order to pass the PMP Exam (Workflow 13 and PMP Exam Performance Checklist).
       b. pmWorkbook contains extensive illustrations. The Workflows provide visibility for the 10 Knowledge areas, Process Sequence, PM Roles (Exam Tasks), Process Group Matrix, and Color-coded process group information from Workflows 11 through Workflows 15. pmWorkbook Exercise book: Exercise 1 contains 8 boxes of associated information for each Process
       c. Over 2,200 Online Practice questions start on day 3 for simulated and interactive learning covering all areas throughout your materials. Answers accompany all questions, and reasoning as needed.
       d. You will receive daily questions for each day of class. Before you take your PMP exam you will have been exposed to all kinds of situations through a variety of question formats by completing your online quiz practice subscription within your free 30 days. If you keep up with the class by reviewing the day's content each evening, then doing the practice questions will be easier for you. Using reasoning, logical and cognitive thinking is important for your quiz practice to be beneficial.
       e. A checklist of what you must know before taking the Exam.
       f. The know-how and skills: You will know how to apply the information you learned in class on the job as you will improve your skills, regardless of your background.

(5) You will be well prepared for the PMP Exam by adding practice and study after class, and paying attention to the Roadmap.

(6) We provide highly skilled instructors. All SmartPath LLC's instructors are PMP Certified and are regularly and rigorously trained. Most of them have well over 15 years of project management. All of them have experience in organizational training and one of them was head of an engineering department and college professor who built 52 different classes for that department's college curriculum. He is the director of education, Mo Haque, MSEE, PMP, PMI-ACP, PMI-PBA, as well as experienced in many industries and has managed huge global projects.

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