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Crucial Comparisons - How to Pick a Training Company - updated 8-15-18

Since technology is so available, consider picking a company like SmartPath LLC that not only has World Class Materials, but also uses technology for simulated and interactive quiz practice using any device providing you over 2,200 questions with unlimited practice for up to 30 days free of charge.

We provide training for PMP(R) Certification training courses in Washington DC, Troy, MI or Seattle-Bellevue WA at our classrooms. Our training is 100% personally delivered by an instructor. You can also choose to take the same class 100% Live online in the U.S.

How we help you pass: We provide Live, expert Instructor Led training. After that, we find that both quiz practice, prep exercises, and exam-focused studying, all help as part of your final exam preparation.

We find that resitting as many times as it takes to understand may be needed for some people who need to fill in major knowledge gaps. Resitting is a free option for up to six months, and it's mostly available via Live Video Conference. You don't need to fail your exam in order to resit your class. Taking advantage of our resitting can be crucial for those who get side-tracked by life events or projects. See our third- exam Pass Guarantee* which is based on 4 trainee compliance activities and provides for a third exam should it be necessary. Step No 1, is that you have to take your first exam within 30 days and finish all quiz practice. Please see all Guarantees . Most trainees are able to take their exam within 30 days.

Faster exam takers, succeed within 10 to 20 days or less.

Better preparation on your part equals a better result: Our philosophy is that it's better to pass than fail, so why take the exam when you're not ready. Every trainee should consider their own readiness based on measurable results in their exam preparation. Trainees should call us within 7 days of their exam if they want to discuss next steps. They should use as much of their 30 days to "train," and practice as they can, including retouching all identified areas within 10 to 15 days of the exam. Avoid procrastination. Follow all instructions. It is better to follow a tried and proven method. However, definitely take longer to do the exam if you need more time.

Everyone in the class has a different experience: We also recognize that everyone is at a different stage in their project management development. Some have more formal project management experience than others. Most trainees have very little formal practice based on industry best practice. Some have worked on large teams and have "specialized" in some areas and have little experience in other areas. Resitting is important if this is you. Perhaps you were not exposed to Risk, Quality or Procurement processes in their entirety as these were provided to you by your organization. Or you worked on "business needs" projects and did not do critical path or EVM, etc. These are very important areas and resitting may be beneficial to you.

Online Quiz Practice We have over 2,200 questions Online for you to practice, and they include two different types of final exams. If you do the work, and understand the materials, and you feel that you are understanding the more difficult questions; if you are reasoning out the questions, your understanding will increase. You can measure your progress by paying attention to your quiz scores, although your questions can be different in the exam. Consider seeking help from us if your quiz scores are consistently low and or Review your PMP Exam Performance Checklist and pay attention to critical areas especially.

Knowledge, understanding and practice are all key to passing. Don't miss any of their items.

You will receive everything you need in order to pass the PMP Exam:
At SmartPath LLC, there is no need to take a certification class as well as a Prep class, nor to do any prior learning at all. Just pay for one class! No reason to pay twice. If you have gaps, just resit areas until you feel comfortable or do your quiz practice first as the quizzes are designed to help you apply the concepts that you learned in the classroom. If you are a pro, just go for it! Take your Exam in about 10 days or less after finishing your quiz practice! Some people like to take the Exam as early as the next day; however, we don't encourage this because we want you to do all of the quizzes first as this is a better way to mitigate risk.

What is more important to you? To have your money back or to pass the PMP Exam? We don't give money back because we have unemployed people and government people who also train with us and we cannot refund them because the class has been purchased with government funds. So we created a policy that would work for everyone.

Some companies may not give you your training money back unless you have failed 3 times or they may deduct certain fees.

Experienced Trainers & PMI® Registered Education Providers

All of SmartPath LLC trainers have 10 to 15 or more years of high level project management experience. They all are a PMP(R) credential holders or a related credential holders such as PgMP and have gone through our rigorous training program. And they have all done organizational or other training in the past. SmartPath LLC is a PMI Education Provider, # 3441.

Your Certification training before coming to class may be flawed. Be aware that not all 35 hours of formal project management education is aligned 100% to PMI best practices and the PMP Exam outline. Therefore, a Prep class is very important

All SmartPath LLC's project management training is 100% aligned to the PMBOK(R) Guide (A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge)(R), Sixth Edition, and industry best practices. It is also aligned fully to the PMP Exam outline.

Dynamic Materials to help you learn. SmartPath LLC has unique, custom-designed (pmWorkbook & 16 laminated Workflows printed on 8 sides of large glossy paper), to help you visualize and understand. Part of our materials are prep exercises that will help you understand the process connections, concepts, keywords and context, roles of sponsor and PM, leadership and more. And we have all of the over 2,200 questions, including the 205 questions in your materials, online for 30 days free practice, starting on the 3rd day of trainning. Both the exercises and the quizzes are key to answering any situational questions. A lot of the real PMP Exam questions are situational, sometimes nearly all of them. Understanding is key to passing. Our class materials are designed by Mo Haque, MSEE, MSEE, PMP (Degrees are in Electronic & Electrial Engineering), and this effort is supported by Nereda Haque, PMP. Both Nereda and Mo have over 25 years of project management experience and training experience each. Mo Haque taught his global project teams the PMI Project Management Institute's gold standards for over 17 years within various organizations, encouraging his own teams to get certified, and now he has has been with SmartPath LLC for 11 years.

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