How to Pick a PMP(R)Training Company

How to Pick a PMP(R)Training Company
Crucial Comparisons - How to Pick a Training Company - updated 1-8-2021

1. Verify SmartPath LLC is a PMI(R) Authorized Training Partner, #3441.

2. Very Experienced Instructor, PMI(R) Authorized Training Instructor:: Mo Haque, MSEE, PMP, PMI-ACP, PMI-PBA, CMfgT, EDMP See his experience. Verify Mo Haque's badges, including his PMI Instructor badge.

3. Please call or text Nereda Haque, PMPfor all information on training at 360-584-8614 or email her.

4. Exam ContentConsider picking a company like SmartPath LLC who not only uses the PMI(R) Authorized PMP(R) Exam Prep content, but also provides pmWorkbook supplemental materials and World Class project management workflows for additional exam and project management visibility. We also provide 60 days of Online quiz learning with over 1,900 questions to practice, starting on the third or last day of class.

5. Training methods: Our training is 100% Live online and personally delivered by an instructor. You can also schedule your face-to-face learning for your project manager groups with us at any location in DC, WA or Michigan.

6. Re-sitting the same training: We find that re-sitting as many times as it takes to understand may be needed for some people who need to fill in major knowledge gaps. Re-sitting is a free option for up to 12 months or until PMI(R) changes their Prep book, whichever is first.

7. Third Exam Pass Guarantee:Please see all Guarantees . Most trainees are able to take their exam within 15 to 60 days.

8. Better preparation on your part equals a better result: Our philosophy is that it's better to pass than fail, so why take the exam when you're not ready. Every trainee should consider their own readiness based on measurable results in their exam preparation. Trainees should call us within 7 days of their exam if they want to discuss next steps. They should use as much of their 30 to 60 days to "train" and practice as they can, including retouching all identified areas within 5 days of the exam. Avoid procrastination. Follow all instructions. It is better to follow a tried and proven method. However, definitely take longer to do the exam if you need more time.

9. Everyone in the class has a different experience: We also recognize that everyone is at a different stage in their project management development. Some have more formal project management experience than others. Most trainees have very little formal practice based on industry best practice. Some have worked on large teams and have "specialized" in some areas and have little experience in other areas. Re-sitting is important if this is you. Perhaps you were not exposed to Risk, Quality or Procurement processes in their as these were provided to you by your organization. Or you worked on "business needs" projects and did not do critical path or EVM, etc. Regardless, the instructor provides real world examples in crucial areas so you can visualize the activities.

10. Knowledge, understanding and practice are all key to passing. Don't miss any of their items.

Experienced Trainers - we have two PMP Trainer badges from PMI. Mo Haque does most of the instruction and Nereda Haque does most of the coaching (answering trainee questions).

11. Your Certification training before coming to class may be flawed. Be aware that not all 35 hours of formal project management education is aligned 100% to PMI best practices and the PMP Exam outline. Therefore, a Prep class is very important. Make sure you train with a PMI(R) Authorized Training Partner, (A.T.P) like SmartPath LLC.

12. Resources: See Materials and Tools to prepare for the new Exam. See training outline, class objectives, Blueprint, Road Map.

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