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What SmartPath LLC Provides that Many Companies May Not

Explore the competitive Advantage of our PMP® Certification Training with Exam Prep Classes and what they provide you. These differences can be the difference between you passing the first time or not; passing quickly or not; understanding or not. Update 3-26-18.

Most of the following will not be provided by most of our competitors, and only a few of the following are provided by some of our competitors:

(1) Custom training materials including Prep Exercises, and 205 practice questions in your materials with the answers, and over 2,100 Exam Practice questions Online for 30 days of free interactive and simulated practice online, (includes two, 200 -question Practice Exams (Mock Exams)

(2) Sixteen Workflows, printed on both sides of durable Gloss Cover paper that is recyclable, 11 x 17 inch colorful Workflows showing process sequences, roles of the project manager (possibly 60 or more questions in the Exam), and Processes, Inputs and Outputs, and their associated tools & techniques. The 16th Workflows shows the Operations and Project Management Environments.

(3) Process sequence training so you can answer the Exam questions that ask you “What will you do next?" You are taught the processes in order of how you would do manage them in real life for the first iteration and you have the roadmap (Workflow 13) so you can use it later to manage your projects.

(4) PMP Exam Prep Review, the backward pass of processes and your checklist of what you must know before taking your exam, and more.

(5) Prep Exercises 1 to 3: For applying your learning and help you prepare for the exam. Prep exercises help you develop keyword identification, improve recognition skills, and provide increased project management visibility

(7) Synonyms for EVM You may not have formula names in the Exam, and if they give you partial information, it may be encased in synonyms or just mostly conversation that points to formulas. That's why meanings are so important.

(8) You can resit to prevent failure onsite (subject to availability) or 100% live online which is frequently available - weekends or weekdays for up to six months from the first day of class – meaning you have access to unlimited resits for this period of time should you feel you need it. Mo Haque, MSEE, PMP, PMI-ACP, PMI-PBA, CMfgT, EDMP is the instructor for all of the Live Online resitting opportunities in ET and PT zones. He is renowned for his training style, his jokes, his illustrations, and the ability to make even the difficult areas simple. Why take the Exam twice? Most companies will let you resit if you failed the PMP Exam but only if you take your exam within 30 days of the class. Resitting is valuable to project managers who lose focus because of new large projects, family events or others issues - life just gets in their way. Some trainees need to learn at their own pace. We recognize the variations in adult learning and circumstances, that's why our learning tools are both pictorial and written. There's no need to take time off work in order to resit. There are only a few companies offering weekend training as well as week day training, and fewer still offering weekend resitting that is 100% Live (classroom or onsite). Learning at your own pace will forfeit your pass guarantee (a third exam payment should you need it); however, it may be more valuable to resit than to pay for two exams. See details

(9) Free PMP Online Quiz Subscription for up to 30 days: There are over 2,200 practice questions in our PMP Quiz Online Subscription. These quizzes are for added learning outside of the classroom. See details. 205 of these quizzes are in your pmWorkbook with their answers.

(10) Exam at Your Pace: While many people take the PMP Exam within 10 days to 15 days, we recognize that some people need more time, and need to be able to do it at their own pace so they can balance their work, and/ or their personal life. You can take your time. To keep all Pass Guarantee benefits you need to take your first exam within 30 days. However, most people feel that our free resitting for up to six months is definitely the best guarantee benefit. You have already escalated your learning and you will lose out if you don't take the Exam so try to do it within 6 months and set yourself a goal if you are taking the slower route. After six months from your original training, you will need to pay for one of our retraining programs, if you still need instructor led learning, so mark the six months on your calendar as it goes by fast.

(11) Exam focused training – You are exposed to what you need to know to pass so you are not overloaded with what you don’t need. Information overload can stop you from passing quickly or even cause you to fail because you don't know what to focus on, and you're grabbing everything and your "Ram" gets jammed up in your head.

(12) People who have difficulty passing other programs have a much higher chance of passing with us. This is due to the "understanding-based" approach to learning and our proven methods of learning. You cannot forget what you truly understand, followed by practice. If you failed after training with one of our competitors for the V6 exam, click here. There's a special price for you to help you compensate for your losses.

(13) Free rescheduling when you need it. No extra charge for flexible training dates either if you need them. Split your training in half. Do the first two days of one class schedule followed by the last two days of a later schedule. Sometimes we post some in the menus because someone has already asked for flexible training.

(14) Guaranteed-to-run training. Once a class is paid for, it is not cancelled or rescheduled due to "not enough" people in the class. Most companies will cancel you and offer you a refund or a seat in a future class. We are one of only a couple of companies that offers this benefit - we know of one other.

(15) Weekend and or Week Days: We offer weekend training most months in DC, MI and WA and Live Online. You may not weekend training for all months from May through August schedules. Most training companies only offer week day training. Taking time off work makes your training expensive if you are not doing it during your vacation time.

(16) You have two coaches: Nereda Haque, PMP and Mo Haque, PMP who will answer all of your questions while you are studying regardless of the assigned instructor. If you need more coaching than that, then please resit the class during your free resitting period.

(17) We review your experience before you pay for a class, if you wish to train with us: Just request it. Send your resume to neredahaque@smartpathllc.com

(18) We provide you smaller classes. This helps you get more individualized training plus gives you more opportunity to resit when needed. Sometimes online learners are part of the class, or so they can participate again if they wish or just listen in depending on their preference.

(19) We provide you a Roadmap to passing so you stay focused and your focus is visible. See the Roadmap

(20) We have a do it again program should you desire to take another 6 months of training. Sometimes it's even on special. This will give you another "original" class and you can qualify for the pass guarantee again and you will be issued new materials. We understand life events and large projects can get in your way of completing your projects. If you do the Online Quizzes you may not even feel the need to "do it all again." You can refresh yourself for as little as $39.00. The quizzes are like having an instructor beside you, guiding you with context and situations so you can recognize them in the Exam. Quiz practice is one of the best ways to refresh your learning.

(21) How to Pass in 5/10/15 days? We clearly show you what you must do in order to pass within 5 days (next day after a 4 day class), 10 days or 15 days. Most of you should plan on 10 to 15 days to mitigate all risk by doing all of the Exam questions and exercises.

Call Nereda Haque, PMP at 1-855-SMART50 or on her cell at 360-584-8614.

YOUR passing is OUR mission.

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