About the PMP® Online Quiz Subscription

About the <span style="color:#E864C7">PMP® Online Quiz </span>Subscription </span>
About our PMP Online Quiz Practice for Project Management Certification Training for the PMP(R) Exam. Updated 1-9-2019

Over 2,200 Online practice (mock) questions provide up to 30 days of Interactive and simulated learning after class, starting on day 3. You can even use them during your lunch hour, riding the bus or Metro or when you take breaks during the by doing them on your SmartPhone. Many people do.

Quiz Practice provides exposure to many situations. Most of the exam questions are situational so this is very important. Most people don't need to re-subscribe but if you do, you can do so for as little as $39 for 15 days. Other options are available.

Quiz practice increases your knowledge - it's all about more Analytical learning and Cognitive Thinking: Quiz practice is not about testing, but about learning. It is the fastest way to increase your knowledge, and as it will invoke cognitive thinking, reasoning and logic. These skills can be acquired with practice, just like learning to drive a car. Practicing them will help you pass the exam as you practice applied knowledge based on situations. Follow our guidelines for practice for best results. Answer the questions, lookup your pmWorkbook and Workflows if you wish, although understanding through reasoning is important. So do the question, understand it, and move on to the next for fastest results.

Please understand that there are no real PMP(R) Exam practice questions. What you will get in the PMI PMP Exam can be very different. Do not practice by picking them out because this method of learning will not engage or analytical or cognitive thinking.

Quiz Practice Also Provides a Measurement: These PMP Online practice quizzes will both teach you first and foremost and increase your understanding and provide you a measurement of how well you have learned. If you are scoring 65% to 75% but understand most of what you are getting wrong you are okay.

Increases your Speed in Answering Questions: This kind of simulated learning will will help you increase your speed in answering questions.

Other FAQ About SmartPath LLC's PMP Online Quiz Subscription (POS) for additional practice outside of the classroom:

The questions are not for onsite practice as we use the materials in your book during class.

Quiz Questions focus on specific areas, many kinds of formats for varied quiz practice:

Why are all of the PMP Online Subscriptions "up to" a certain time period.

SmartPath LLC is able to keep down the overall cost to you so you can practice the PMP Online Quizzes by doing them "up to a given time period." Once you become PMP certified, they are disabled because you don't need them any more. Quiz practice is intended and licensed for use to the trainee only. And if you want to do them again, we can activate another Subscription when you are ready, and you can purchase them for as low as $39 for up to 15 days.

PMP Training Options:

2-Day Training:

2-Day PMP Intensive Prep. If you're taking your exam again and you feel that you lacked enough information, then this 2-Day class is for you.

4-day Training:

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