Considerations of a Business Analysis Project for requirements' management

Considerations of a Business Analysis Project for requirements' management. To ensure a project management success for a project:

Jan 9 - 2015 by Nereda Haque, PMP

(1) A BA project often initiates before the Project Manager is chosen for the project. Requirements Management is performed by a highly qualified Business Analyst who is also experienced in project management.

(2) The BA understands how to perform an organizational needs assessment, and along with stakeholders can determine opportunities to exploit or problems to solve.

(3) Requirements need to be analyzed and planned.

(4) The BA should provide a business case for the project.

(5) Change management and configuration management policies and procedures needs to meet the needs of a specific project.

(6) The solution to be developed must align to the organizational vision, not just from the beginning, but throughout the changes made to the requirements throughout the solution lifecycle - thus their is forward and backward tracking.

(7) Once the project management cycle is completed, the BA will conduct the post mortem for the project. Join us and learn all requirements management and about tools and techniques and get certified as a Professional in Business Analysis from the Project Management Institute - the credential is PMI-PBAŽ certification.

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