Why Certifications in Industry Best Practices?

Why Certifications in Industry Best Practices?
There are different kinds of project management:
(1) traditional (requiring PMP® certification)
(2) business analysis projects (requiring BA certification)
(3) Agile project management requiring agile certification

The Project Management Institute leads globally for best practices in traditional project management, as well as for business analysis project management and agile. In a dynamic, ever changing global environment the roles of these projects managers are being constantly defined, sharpened and redefined. Agile and traditional PMs are generally referred to as PMs and the person doing business analysis projects is known as a Business Analyst. The focus of the PMI-PBA credential is a BA experienced in project management and business analysis who has an understanding of their organization's business.

PMI-PBA®, PMI-ACP® and PMP® certifications: IT project managers can be extremely flexible in an organization where they can show that they are equipped to serve in either of the 3 fields when their knowledge and experience is validated by the Project Management Institute by getting their certifications - PMI-PBA (Requirements Management), PMI-ACP (All aspects of Agile Project Management) and PMP certifications (Supreme Management Experience with a focus on traditional project management).

The PMI-PBA / PMP combination: Since projects drive business, it is becoming increasingly important for PMP credentialed PMs to hold a PMI-PBA also, offering flexibility to the majority of the organizations that require an experienced leader.

Business Drivers are the Business Goals and Objectives: The driver of organizational projects are the Strategic Initiatives that organizations create to drive business value, growth, jobs and ultimately organizational sustainability. These Initiatives are revisited often in order to make sure that the company sustains its competitive advantage, staying technologically advanced and aware in a politically and economically driven global environment to avoid being crushed by negative impacts. The project Sponsors' inform the BAs, and PMs of the strategic goals and objectives so their projects can be continuously aligned to them from the start of the project, through change management, and through project closure. In Agile project management the Product Owner aligns the project's vision to the strategic goals and objectives.

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