Enterprise Management Data <br>Professional (EDMP-2) Training via <br>100% Live Online<br> Using Your Computer

Enterprise Management Data
Professional (EDMP-2) Training via
100% Live Online
Using Your Computer

Item# EDMP-2-BI-LV
EDMP-2-BI, 100% Live Online -for Enterprise Data Management Professionals. This training is 2 days / 14 hours. It is trending that most of this training is now Live Online. It is helpful to practice between each training day.

Class Times: 10 AM to 6:15 PM Eastern Time (ET), which is the same as 7 AM to 3:15 PM Pacific Time (PT).

This class is 2 days of training, a total of 14 hours, 100% Live Instructor Led learning

Method of Training: 100% Live Online Using your computer.

We call Advanced Power BI, Enterprise Data Management Professional-2, Power BI for Business Users. Learn related tools in conjunction with BI data management. You should take EDMP-1/Power BI-1 before taking this class. Call to schedule your group for Live Online training. This class is fully instructor-led.

This two-day instructor-led course teaches the trainee understanding of Hadoop and Hadoop Distributed File System. The course discusses Map-Reduce and describes the data source integration. Trainees will be exposed to hands-on learning by using Power BI. The trainee will be exposed to Streaming Data, Machine Learning, Virtualization and Predictive Analytics. This certification is aligned to Microsoft Power BI training and Microsoft Excel. This class is not focused on any Microsoft Exams. This class is not an IT class. It is a business user class.

Project Managers, Program Managers, IT Managers or Developers, Data Analysts, Business Managers, Business Analysts, Operation Managers, Engineers, Enterprise and Infrastructure Architects, CEOs, MBAs, Educators, CFOs, HR Managers, Quality and Risk Managers, Marketing & Advertising Managers, etc.

Benefits of Training

       • Enables you to apply big data in visual mapping
       • You can use business insights to enable decision to create business value
       • Use big data to analyze trends and predict forecast
       • Enables you to use data to drive business solutions

Course Objectives
This two-day instructor-led course teaches the trainee understanding of Hadoop and the Hadoop Distributed File System. The course discusses Map-Reduce, and describes data source integration. Trainees will be exposed to hands-on learning by using Power View and Power Map. The students will learn Streaming Data, Machine Learning, and Predictive Analytics. They will learn how to deal with data in motion, data governance and data security. The course discusses the rationale for ELT vs. ETL and how this transformation is important to extract business value from big data. This class aligns to Microsoft 70-467 certification, but it does not prepare you for the Microsoft exam.

What is EDMP-2/Power BI-2?
It takes an individual’s skills to the highest level in "Business Analysis," where they can use Cloud Data in data mining and analytics. You will understand why it is more efficient and better to perform "ELT – Extract Load and Transfer," instead of "ETL – Extract Transfer and Load." The trainees will understand Streaming Data, Machine Learning, and Predictive Analytics.

This 2-day instructor-led intense class provides opportunity to the trainees to practice on Power View and Power Map. Exposure to these tools enables the trainees to expose business insights and present reports. This course also provides the necessary knowledge of Hadoop Distributed Filing System and the concepts of Map-Reduce. The trainees will also know machine learning, and some aspects of data security.

Requirements for your training :
(1) Your laptop
(2) Notebook and pen (3) Laptop with minimum of 8 MG RAM. 16 MG is faster. (4) Download Power BI on your laptop before class. You will also use Power Pivot (Excel) which should also be on your computer.

How to purchase training:
Classes are guaranteed to run at the time of purchase or registration so register or purchase early if you wish to save the class dates. You may pay with debit cards, credit cards or PayPal. If the class is showing it is still available for you to join, although it may be necessary to register at least 3 - 6 weeks before the first day of class to get a seat.

Power-BI training qualification: Skills achieved for EDMP-1/Power-BI-1.

EDMP-2/Power BI-2 Class Outline

1. Big Data and Hadoop
2. Hadoop YARN
3. Storing Big Data with HBase
4. Mining Big Data with Hive
5. Pig and Pig Latin
6. Sqoop
7. Zookeeper
8. HDInsight

Virtualization 1. The importance of virtualization in big data
2. Server verbalization
3. Application virtualization
4. Network virtualization
5. Processor and memory virtualization
6. Data and storage virtualization
7. Managing Virtualization with the Hypervisor Azure – Cloud Services
1. What is Azure
2. Web Apps
3. Cloud Services

What You Will Receive
• EDMP-1/Power BI-2 Training
• Free 30 days of online quiz practice for the EDMP-II Exam
• Training materials are digital
• 14 hours of training

What is not included in the price of your training? a. Free re-sitting is not included.
b. We do not provide you a laptop. You will use your own laptop to class with minimum of 8 MG RAM, 16 RAM is preferred and a prior download of Power BI.