Employer Ready Skills – Enterprise Project Management

Employer Ready Skills – Enterprise Project Management
Project Management Certification Training and Skills Training

Employer Ready Skills – Enterprise Project Management

This picture depicts the “Employer Ready” training that must be acquired by a PM so that his / her resume surfaces on the top on a pile of hundreds of job applications for a position of Enterprise PM.

In today’s competitive job market it is of utmost importance for Project Managers in an enterprise to keep their skills employer ready. For every open PM position, the employers often get five hundred to one thousand applicants or even more. The employers thin out the list of applications by tossing out those which do not have the PMP® certification. Then the employers look for the other competencies in the remaining applicants.

Now application jostling begins and the employers look for applicants who are “employer ready” – that is, they have the competencies that match the specific skills they would lessen their learning curve if they chose them as employees. For a PM position in an enterprise, the skills needed are project leadership (certification, scope, time & cost), collaboration, business analysis and project scheduling & resource management tools.

SmartPath LLC has been training project managers for the last several years and has witnessed hundreds of cases where PM’s were hired on the spot because they were “employer ready”. Employers are looking for job competencies in the project management category, however, specific to their job requirements. An enterprise wide PM must have the total understanding of the project management processes, interpersonal skills and leadership. Also, along with the above mentioned skills, the employers are looking for PM skills in collaboration, business analysis and in one of the time management and resource management tools.

SmartPath LLC’s training curriculum includes courses that make an enterprise wide PM “Employer Ready”. After completing the Project Management training, a PM is trained in Business Analysis, and then trained in SharePoint. Training begins at their experience level - basics to intermediate (Class I), intermediate (Class II). After SharePoint training the PM’s undergo “Power Learn” in SharePoint for Project Managers that includes the basics of project server so enterprise wide resources can be seen and managed. Now the PM is employer ready for a PM position entailing enterprise wide responsibilities. After training the PM is able to manage projects, collaborate & manage documents, perform business analysis and manage timelines & resources. These are the most important skills that the employers are looking for in a PM for an enterprise.
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