How Organizations Grow

How Organizations Grow
Whether your project is a Business Analysis Project (PMI-PBA® Certification), a Traditional Project (PMP® Certification), or an Agile Project (PMI-ACP® Certification), it will need to be aligned to the organization's goals and objectives. The BA and TPM (traditional project manager) will receive the project alignment from their Sponsors, while the APM will receive the alignment from the Product Owner. All BA's need to make sure that all changes made during the projects continuously align to the project's vision in order to ensure the sustainability and competiveness of the organization by maximizing value. See all project management certifications.

BA, TPM, APM - Their Habits Affect the Organization's Growth and Success: If the assigned BA, APM or TPM has learned from past projects (lessons learned), has researched OPA for similar historical data, has learned from competent leaders within their organization and prior organizations (gathered tacit knowledge), have honed their skills and passed powerful certification exams (gained explicit as well as a further increase in their tacit knowledge if the instructor was excellent), they will be vision-focused, value-focused, and sustainability-focused for their organization (loyalty). They will do this by taking into account any political, environmental, market, technological, organizational factors and cultures that may impact the project.

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