For SmartPath LLC PMP(R) Trainees, PMP Training Prep Package # 1

For SmartPath LLC PMP(R) Trainees, PMP Training Prep Package # 1

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PMP® Training Prep Package # 1 with an online quiz practice subscription for up to 45 days for Interactive learning

What You Will Receive for Package 1

(1) Hardcopies of pmWorkbook, pmWorkbook Exercises, and 16 colorful Workflow printed on 8 pages of 100% Glostex paper.
(2) Up to 45 days of online quiz practice. The Quiz practice subscription will start on the date that you request it, not when you log in. It runs for 45 days from the time you receive the quiz. You will know once the quiz practice is set up as you will receive the activated quiz links. Please confirm that you have them or look into your spam.
(3) Nothing else is promised.

This quiz practice is meant to teach you, not test you, however, you may use it to measure your performance: What you understand is far more important than what you are scoring. Understand why the 4 answers are either wrong or the best answer.

Hard Copies of your Materials are pmWorkbook, pmWorkbook Exercises' that are a part of this elearning package will be mailed by USPS Medium Flat Box Priority. Postage is free anywhere in the lower US 48 states plus Alaska.

If you're in Hawaii or not in Anchorage, Alaska you will pay the postage difference between $13.85 and actual cost. There is no extra postage for Anchorage, AK. Email your address to Nereda Haque, PMP to: and we'll quote you on postage.
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