Project Manager Job Security and the New Political Environment

Project Manager Job Security and the New Political Environment
Many Project Managers are concerned about their secure FTE jobs and how the new political environment will affect this security. There is reason for concern based on the current assertion by some, that Government jobs should all be performance-based, and non-performers should be fired. Let's understand job security indicators. In the U.S. there are many project managers working as contractors / vendors / consultants already; however, there is one common denominator that that employers are in agreement on, and that is the power of certification.

Employers and Certifications: Employers know from experience that certified professionals outperform non-certified PMs. If you're not certified, you are disadvantaged. See PM Certifications that are in high demand.

Essential to Job Security: Crucial to job security for PMs, is not only the professionalism of keeping abreast of changing best practices in a dynamic global environment, but having the powerful certifications that prove their knowledge and skills are current.

The Importance of Required Certification Maintenance: This is important as it makes the certification more important and continually relevant. The Project Management Institute requires maintenance of their certifications over a three-year period that takes the certified PM to the beginning of the next three-year period. When the PM has a PMI-ACP®, PMI-PBA® or PMP® Certification, it means that the PMI organization recognizes both the knowledge and skills for the respective certification.

Employers look for this recognition. If you are a certified PM, think about finishing your maintenance for your certification well before the three-year period ends as employers can see when it is due by looking on the PMI Certification Registry. And if it is due soon, they may feel uncomfortable in hiring you.

Get Your Certifications in Order of Importance: The PMP Certification is first and foremost the most valid tool for any professional management positions globally. This is the starting point. Then look at your skillset and acquire the other certifications in order of your priority.

Prioritize Your Training & Invest in Yourself: SmartPath LL specializes in all kinds of project management certification training - traditional (PMP / CAPM Certification), Agile (PMI-ACP Certification), and business projects (PMI-PBA Certification - focused on requirements management), and Professional Development Training for certification maintenance.

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